Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Facebook Forward....Not So Much

I received one of those "Forwards" from a friend on Facebook – (God do you get this shit also???) – anyway I deleted it and ignored it because it only mildly intrigued me and wasn't enough to take my attention away from the other list of 50 some odd things to be accomplished in the next 24 hours. But as other people responded, I thought to myself – what would be the 16 things I want others to know about me? Should I talk about pet peeves, loves of my life or that I secretly like to pick at my toenails when I get out of the shower? I decided not to. Not because I cared if they judged me, but because everyone has a little gross thing they do in private. It just wasn't special enough. No it had to be more than just an idiosyncrasy so common it was expected. If I was going to take time out and sit at my computer it had to be things I've never shared. I sat for a moment and let it flow – my fingers began moving across the keys and a list flowed out of me – no effort. I'm sharing this here because when it boiled right down to it, I wasn't sure if a few people could take my honesty. Oh well, for my own purposes, its here now.

  1. My hands are not feminine…yes they are small, but they look just like my dad's meat hooks.
  2. I've known how to do stained glass since I was 6. Unfortunately I have not practiced in a VERY long time. Its something my dad and I spent many hours doing in our garage.
  3. The first words out of my mouth when my ex-husband proposed were "you are so not doing this to me." That should have been a sign.
  4. Which brings me to the fact that I have been proposed to more than once, but I said no. I do not plan to get married ever again. It's something I have thought long and hard about and most people do not believe me when I say this. For some reason they think I'm blowing smoke up their ass. Go figure.
  5. I made varsity softball my freshman year in high school and quit 5 weeks later so I could become a lifeguard. Which I did for 2 years….but I made varsity again so no worries.
  6. I can hold my breath for two minutes and have swam the length of an Olympic size pool under water. I heart the water and have loved scuba diving since my first time in St. Lucia. One day when I'm making money again I would like to get my license.
  7. I can draw just about anything but find no inspiration to do so. Put an object in front of me and no problem – consider it done, but I can't make anything up from my imagination.
  8. I fear nothing and I'm dead ass when I say it. I used to fear heights, but no more – I've overcome that fear. Three years ago I went through a lot personally and ever since then, I know I can do it all, see it all and be whatever I want because life only began after that. I admit, that yes I don't like bugs, but that's just because if there is someone else to deal with it, why should I?
  9. I know what age I'm going to die. Don't ask me because it freaks most people out and I don't need to brag about it. I just know that 2 out of 3 of my premonitions have come to fruition – the last hasn't happened yet because it's the age I'm speaking of. I'm ok with this. No really, I am. I decided if anything, it's a push to live my life richer because what's the worst that happens….I don't die and I've done more with myself…….
  10. …..Which leads me to this point - I have a list of 50 things I want to do before I die. I've accomplished eight and will complete a ninth by the end of 2009. (Scuba diving is on that list….then again so is being a contestant on "the Price is Right."
  11. If there was one thing I could change about my body, I'd make my hair thicker. I like me the way I am – sure I'd love to lose 10 more pounds, but I'm comfortable just as is.
  12. This is the first time in my life I am in debt, but I know that this too shall pass.
  13. I owned my first house when I was 23.
  14. I have no regrets in life. Not one. If I lived in the past, I would never see my glorious future.
  15. The last time I lost my temper was in May 2005. I put my fist through a window and vowed to never allow anyone to ever get me down or get that much of a rise out of me ever again. So far, so good. No one, nothing is worth that much energy. If you think you can do it, go ahead try, most likely I'll walk away from you.

I will give just about anything one try, whether its food or friendship. I try to expand my horizons because many times in my life, I have done so and come out better for it.

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