Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mediocre Part 2

Wow, the romantics have it. I probably received more feedback on yesterday's post than any other post I've written in the last year and three months. If you didn't already know, I write a bit for two other websites and that post has completely touched a nerve with those who believe firmly in real tangible love. People feel very strongly about this topic and were seriously up in arms at the thought of settling for something less than deserving.

Thank you.

In a way my readers read my little blurbs and automatically feel it is I that I am solely talking about - sometimes yes, mostly no. Ideas do come from my life, but they also come from the lives of my friends, those who are single and/or dating. None of us are married yet (well one is well on her way), but we still face the same obstacles day to day. My core group is small, but my network is large and I feed off them and their situations.

I want to say thank you to those who care enough and are passionate enough to write out your thoughts and feelings or even advise me, Meredith (insert very Italian last name here) that settling is not an option. I know this, and I thank you. I broached the question more out of curiosity because I can think of several people I know personally and through work who have done just that - settled. Of course these people are in their late thirties and early forties and that's a big difference. I wonder what the turnout would be if we pooled those older than this readership to see their take, would it be jaded and cynical, or down right love absorbed like us crazy kids? When its a question of timing and mortality I think youll find the answers might be different.

Come on now, there ARE men out there who want a family by a decent age and there ARE women out there who feel their biological clock is ticking, so in that case, wouldn't you say its fair to settle? I'm not saying that people don't eventually find mutual love and admiration, look at Will and Grace. Yes they are fictional, but at the same time they had that love and understanding even though they were not in love. Are you catching my drift now?

For people like you and me, younger generation, (although that's rapidly changing) this notion might not be feasible. I'm certainly not ready to settle, but I do know people who are because they honestly want to start their lives....their "adult" lives, you know - house, car, family, 2.5 kids......the whole sha-bang. I guess unless you've truly known what its like to be madly in love you really don't know what you're missing. Movies can only depict it so far, but watching it and being part of it are two totally different animals. Whirl wind romances are hard to come by, I myself was fortunate to experience that in my life, therefore I already know I cannot accept anything less, but if you've never known what its like to be smitten to the point of insanity, perhaps living a life that's so commonplace isn't so bad.

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