Friday, May 12, 2006


I KNEW that something wasn't right. I just knew it. I second guessed myself when really I should have read my gut. I knew this kid was into me and that I wasn't deluding myself to believe he liked me more than he did.

When I used to tell my friends that he was really into me they didn't want to believe it. They gave me sympathetic glances like I was crazy and blowing his actions out of proportion. But that is not the case. Oh no.

You know how I said we'd be friends? Well we knew that we both had tickets for last night's Yankee/Boston game so we stayed in semi-contact so we could meet up to tailgate. Well long story short during the game B (my best guy friend) and I moved down to where Joseph's seats were and we hung out with him and his friend. With me so far? Wouldn't you know it....Joseph starts flirting with me and its VERY apparent. (I am going to try and cut this down so its not too long) I turn to B and I'm like "You're seeing all this right?" - because I tell B all my stories and he sometimes thinks I'm making this shit up and blowing things out of proportion. Anyway, so Joseph says to me, "You must think I'm a complete shit for what I did." And I basically told him I didn't really want to talk about it - that I had something to say, but not there. He keeps prodding me and finally I blurt it out. I say, "Listen, you and I did what we did for however long. We tried setting up three dates, all of which you cancelled. I was a little upset because I felt you didn't give it a shot. You didn't give it a chance. Plus I don't think the reason why you dumped me was the whole reason. I think there was more to it....I don't know what, but I think there was more. But yeh you basically didn't give us a shot."

His response? "You're right. I didn't and I regret it" - AND THEN he continued to flirt with me ALL NIGHT LONG. I shot him down so many times it was comical. We went to the bathroom and in the hallway he was like, “Hug me.” And he started kissing my cheeks and trying to whisper in my ear and then he actually tried to kiss me!!! NOT HAPPENING. THEN he wanted me to come over to his place to "talk." I told him that I'd hang with him, but there was no chance in hell of ANYTHING happening. After the game I totally blew off his text messages until I dropped B off and then I called him and told him not a chance.

What is wrong with this kid? He is SOOOO hot and cold its unreal. We're still cool because I handled it rather well, and we have plans to chill next week with my sister and her husband, but WTF? What is that? Loser. I mean he was relentless last night to the point where B said, “YO, when are you two going to start making out?” – it was actually funny, but I am SOOOOO glad B was there because he witnessed it FIRST hand and now I don’t feel like a complete quack. My stories about Joseph now have validity.

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Matt said...

So you go to a Sox/Yankees game last night and you don't even mention how the FIRST PLACE Sox beat your Yankees. Go figure ;)

Seriously though, you did good! Keep kicking him to the curb, he's just wanting a booty call, I'm sure!