Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Whole Story

Now that this guy is no longer a potential, I can fully disclose the story and nothing but the story. Its long though but I want to give it to you accurately.

My sister has been talking up this guy that works for my brother-in-law for two years now. She'd tell me stories about him and how if I was single she would love to set us up because he's so funny and wonderful blah blah blah. But even when I became single, I kind of blew it off because things are supposed to happen when they happen, I wasn't pushing anything, plus my brother-in-law had his reservations about the whole thing. Understandable, I've known my brother-in-law shince I was 9 and this is also an employee of his.

Its two years later and my sister becomes part of the cult....she becomes a MySpacer...(GASP!!). Its all in good fun and she's reconnected with a lot of old friends and whatnot. But this guy....Joseph is on MySpace and of course quickly becomes a friend on her list. Somehow, someway him and I become friendly online and chit chat leaving comments and whatnot for about a good two months. Every once in a while he'll invite me out to hang with his crew and I do the same but schedules never truly mesh so it doesn't happen right away - again, we're talking a good 2-3 months here until...

One day things work out and we finally decide to hang. To make a long story short, I meet up with him and his crew....not expecting a damn thing other than chilling with my girl Nicole and maybe meeting some new peeps. At this point I'm not looking for a man, I've been hanging back doing my own thing.


The second, I mean....the SECOND we make eye contact its evident something is going on. We both ignore our friends and yap the whole night, drinking, laughing, dancing....having a ball. I mean it was a blast!!!...and then he starts making advances on me. I'm like "Whoa....alright, I can do this." and of course he winds up kissing me. Well that's it, the gloves are off and so are we. I mean it was something out of left field for me, but whatever, I'm not a kill a joy so I go along with it, plus he's sooo much fun. He's the male version of me.

I give him a ride home (Nicole and I came in separate cars and he came with a friend so its all good). We get back to his place and I meet his amazing dog and then he's on me like white on rice....and its hot. We're on the couch, the chair and somehow wind up on the floor. We're rolling all over one another - its getting crazy...but there is no way in hell I'm sleeping with him....but I'm having fun. We call it a night, we have some good ends there.

The following week is St. Patty's Day and I have big plans...but again, my plans always get bashed and things change. Trixie and I are at a bar with H and H gets so loaded he can't come with us to Hoboken where my friends Joe and B are. I'm pissed because we delayed everything so he could come and now we've missed our opportunity to get to Hoboken because it gets PACKED there. But guess what? Joseph is available and at a bar not far from where we are. I pack up Trixie and we're off.

Again, the second I see him, we're all about each other. I'm mingling, I'm having a grand ol' time and he asks me to see him again the following night....low key - his place. Ok - fine by me.

Saturday night I get to his place and its again, another great time. We talked for 3 hours straight, yes we had some wine, but it was going very very well. I'm getting the vibe, I'm putting out the vibe, but keeping my distance....untill he kisses me....and then all bets are off. We go at it and its intense and wonderful....everything I've been needing, everything I've been wanting. WHOOP OH BOY!...and yes, I make the fatal mistake of sleeping with him. The next day I have no regrets, but I do tell him that until him and I figure stuff out, I don't want my brother and sister knowing what is going on. Its ok to be friends, but I dont' want them all up in my business.


The next few weeks we hang out at bars in groups, I visit him at his place, he takes ill for a little over a week, but we continue having a good time, but its not taking off the way it should. We have pretty good sex, but I'm starting to feel like its not going anywhere and I really want to talk to him about it. Its not bothering me that we are relaxed and chill like that, but it bothers me that when we are together I'm the best thing since sliced bread, but outside of physical presence....he's just not around. So I decide I have to talk to him. I have to get this off my chest. We have plans to meet last Wednesday, but he gets pretty banged up at the Yankee game and it doesn't happen. Damn. Ok - next time. We have plans for Friday night....but then the movers don't come on time to help move his dad so he has to cancel. Strike two. He does call me later in the evening around 10:30 to tell me they got done and they are going to a bar if I want to come with. Fine, my friends are leaving the bar anyway, I might as well go see him. I get to the bar and things are a little strained but he's putting out the vibe. Another good time and then that night he tells me, "We are so going to dinner next week." Cool I think to myself I can talk to him then, but I will be a nice girl and talk to him BEFORE we go to dinner and not during. I've got this whole plan.

Doesn't happen that way. NOPE - instead I get an email that he doesn't feel we have "it" and that he doesn't want to string me along. What is that? That's what he's been doing all along. I don't know if I'm more pissed about the email or the fact that he beat me to it. I haven't really analyzed it, if anything I've learned my lesson...I dont sleep with people so fast, but I allowed it this time. Idiot.

Here I am back at square one again. I'm not upset over that's the funny part, normally I would be a basket case, but I guess I take comfort in the fact that I knew I didn't want anything with him any longer...but DAMN - an email??? I do take solice in the fact that I called him out on it...and then called him a homo - but that's another story. LOL.

I live and I learn.

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