Friday, March 31, 2006

House/Dog Sitting

This weekend I am house sitting for friends of mine. I'll be making a quick buck, watching a dog and taking a little me time. Not bad right?

I love the people I'm house sitting for...good peeps, but I'm not crazy about the dog and I'm a dog lover. He's just a pain in the ass, but its all good. I'm not complaining. I'm actually in a good mood considering I got NOOOOOOOO sleep. God I wish I was kidding. Check it. I get up to the house in Butler (20 minutes past where I live now). The hostess asked me if I wanted anything (food wise) in the house and I told her that whatever she had was fine...with me so far? She tells me that right now she is on a diet and the house is very "low fat friendly." - again, not a problem - the Mer could use to lose a few I walk the dog, get settled in and decide I have a few hours to kill before all the Thursday night shows start. I throw in "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" (w/ Johnny Depp) and relax. Twenty minutes into the movie Mer is CRAVING chocoloate....good god I have NEVER in my whole life wanted chocolate so bad....I look in the fridge...nothing but weight watcher lasagna, milk, eggs, low fat bread, water and OJ. I turn to the cabinets....same thing - all low fat stuff, pretzels, bland cereal....I'm ready to punch myself in the neck. I start pawing at my skin, clawing myself for a measly little piece of chocolate thinking to myself "What kind of dieter is she if she doens't have a stash!!!" So I did what any self respecting girl in my position would do.....I poured myself a glass of wine.

It happens.

BUT the story doesn't end sleep occurred. I had a nice little buzz going on, but animal kingdom wouldn't stay quiet...nope. The dog wouldn't stop moving on the bed, the ferret kept making noices on his stupid wheel.....the train station across the street had a freight come through about 1:30 a.m......adn then the bar next door closed leaving all the drunks to meander out of there at their leisure hooting and hollaing at the top of their lunch. Oh brother.

Oh yeh, we gots a cranky Mer on our hands today. I'm all puffy and gross...but life is still good. I'm still happy.

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