Thursday, December 15, 2005

Adventures with B

Tonight should be interesting and I'm hoping I have good material for you tomorrow.

You see tonight B and I are doing our Christmas Shopping together this evening. Actually I should back track a little and set the mood.

Back in the day (read a year or so ago), B and I somehow became better friends, I think I've spoken on this before. I'd go down to his office for advice on men, on my career, work stuff, just about everything. Well from that we started to hang outside of work - him and I would go to dinner and just talk - what he is for me, I am for him....a confidant. Even when Ted and I were dating, B and I would go to dinner alone and hang. Then whenever B needed the help of a female in fashion or decor, I was his girl. For instance, one time B had to attend a wedding (in the party) and he had to wear certain clothing. He didn't go with his girl, not his mother, but with me to do all of this. I was flattered. Oh and then there was the time that he came to me, not his roommate, not his best friend, not his family, but me to discuss his situation with his girl and I was happy to help. Again, he's not one to talk deeply with anyone so I was flattered.

So, now that B has a "girlfriend," (I use this term loosely), he comes to me for advice on her and now, I will be aiding him in a gift for Christmas for her. Good stuff.

Last week we hit up a Devil's game - good time. Everytime we chill its a good time and that's why I'm totally looking forward to this. I think we have the ultimate friendship and its only gotten better over time. We make each other laugh, we never get on one another's nerves - because we know the word "space" and we've already gotten the whole "hooking up" thing out of the way. Actually I sometimes think that was the whole catalyst that brought us closer. Does that make sense? No more pressure, we are who we are and its all good.

Now you're all wondering - oh geez, she's got a crush on him. And to that I answer like this: nope. I love B. I really do. If I wasn't so intense and if he wasn't so awkard about relationships, we'd go far, but I'm very, no I'm extremely happy we are the friends we are and nothing more. We never hang out too much so that its overload and wind up getting on one another's nerves. Not here. Its always just enough.

After shopping though, I'm bringing him out to the 101. That's right, I'm subjecting him to the drunken stupidity of those retards. I highly doubt he will ever get on stage - but here's something that you don't know. When B drinks, he has this friggin great alter ego named Hank. And Hank - well Hank is unstoppable. Good lord, Hank is fun.

To summarize, tonight should be a good nite and I'm hoping it is because I need to lighten up already.

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anne arkham said...

You know, there's nothing better than a good guy friend. I think I'm closer to my guy friends than I've ever been to anyone I've been romantic with.