Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

Fuck those who are bitching this year and using the politically correct terms - fuck you all. Its CHRISTMAS!!!! I raise each hand and give you the bird, I thumb my nose at you all. I say Merry Christmas to each and every person I encounter because you know what???? I'm wishing you well. I'm wishing you good tidings, I'm wishing you happiness and if I use the term Christmas - so be it. Damn me to hell for saying it, but that's my perogative and its only words people. Only words.

I can't believe how huffy puffy people get. Screw you. I was brought up in an era where everyone said it, now all of a sudden I have to change my ways??? Its not like I'm using a racial slur or anything. Geez people, get a life.

Anywho - this is my first Christmas since I am 14 that I will not be spending it with a significant other.....its ok, hold your tears. I will be able to devote myself and all my attentions to my family and not have to share my time with any family other than my own and you know what? I'm so happy about it. I'll finally know how Christmas Eve ends at my Aunt Margot's house instead of hearing stories the next morning. I'll be able to get ripped with my cousin's and my sister and poke fun at my dad and just about everyone else at the party and not have to worry about getting to my in-laws to open presents. By the way, Christmas presents are supposed to be opened Christmas morning - NOT at 9:00 p.m. Christmas Eve GLENN!!! Sorry about that, momentary lapse......

I'll be able to wake up in my old room and smell the sweet aroma of cinnabons and coffee Christmas morning. I'll open my presents in my pajama's as my parents look on and smile with happiness on their faces and joy in their hearts all while my dog will be stealing the wrapping paper and eating it under the table. And this year I asked for nothing because I am just that thankful to be home with people who love me. People who I know want nothing but the best for me. People who love what I give them whether it be a million dollar necklace or a card made from toothpicks. The people who made me who I am today....a nice girl who giggles a lot, laughs hard and loves big.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you are as blessed as I am to spend it with those who you love most.

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