Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Knew it!

It's absolutely amazing to me how right I can be sometimes. I said that I didn't want to talk about a guy - a guy that I am for sure interested in, but I did. I gave him the kiss of death by writing about him.

I guess I'm a little perturbed because I really thought that I would have heard from him about a second date. Wait, hold up, he has called me, and he has sent emails- but nothing substantial enough to have me believing that I will see him Friday night. I guess I'm just not that used to all this dating stuff and I need to calm the fuck down.


Ok, I think I'm done ranting right now.

Today I'm actually covering for Trixie in the main department and I'm not happy about it. Well I'm happy because I might actually do some work today, but I'm not happy because I'm not at my desk. I like my little quiet little private space....but today that is not to be. I guess I've been lucky enough to go under the radar this long, what's a little time in the main department then right?

Well I got nothing else right now. Perhaps I'll have some developments to report later in the day, but most unlikely.

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anne arkham said...

*crossing my fingers*