Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Remember Those Days?

We were "that" couple, snuggled up nice and cozy in the restaurant booth, kissing, touching, hugging, forgetting the world around us. No hussle and bussle of the waiter or other patrons could have pulled our attention away from one another. Wrapping our thoughts and actions around us like a warm familiar blanket.

We've spent hours on end talking on the phone, laughing at stories, getting to know each other's minds and boundries, picking the other's brain for past experiences good and bad. Calculating the parts of our common interests, ideas and goals to see if they meshed well. We fed each other, we giggled at our silliness, we acted like 16 year old teens who had just found puberty. And I cannot and will not apologize for that behavior whether it was walking hand in hand while nuzzling my face into his coat or kissing on the escalator (or in the car, or in the bar, or in the movie but that's another story).

Wait a minute.

Who's blog is this anyway? This is Mer we're talking about here. I can't be writing about birds chirping and people singing? You come here for details and details you shall get dammit.

Let's get started. (knuckles cracking)

I knew the night was going to be a good one even before it started. I wasn't nervous, I was excited....excited because I had spent approximately 8 hours on the phone with him in the last week. We had really gotten to know one another and it felt good and it felt comfortable so I couldn't wait to get my hands on him, I mean see him. (Sheesh, where did that come from?).

We chose a mutual spot to meet and he shows up with a rose. Cheesy? Not the way he did it, it was clearly sincere and not "a move." We grabbed a drink and relaxed and enjoyed one another. We laughed a lot, we got excited a lot and then we made out.....a lot. GOOD GOD my lips hurt from kissing him so much. Fucking kid can kiss so sensually.....yep, head jumping material. We kissed a little in the bar, we definitely kissed all through dinner and then the movie....um yeh........what movie? I know we were in the theater, I know people were eating popcorn and I vaguely remember Jennifer Aniston on the screen, but movie? Yeh....nope. He couldn't get enough of me and the feeling was definitely mutual. It was ridiculous - it was good ol' fashioned making out. Nothing crazy, just lots and lots of making out.

Alright, so I might have grabbed something I shouldn't have, but come on, I got to check out the family jewels right? You don't buy a car without test driving it first no?


The car.

Deeper sigh.

He's 6'0", 195 lbs of pure muscular wonderfulness...my mind wanders as I try to formulate this into a coherent thought for you.

Um....where was I? Oh - We're in the car and he goes to kiss me good bye and one kiss turns into another and before you know it, passionate kissing ensues, his hands are in my hair, my hands are on the back of his neck, my right hand moves down his neck, lower to his chest (OH THOSE PECKS!!!), where were we? Oh right - down his chest, to his waist, onto the cushion, I find the side of the chair, my fingers hook the recliner lever and WHOOPS, down goes Jake. My bad.....oh The Cat was ever present. I'm leaning over the middle console and we're making out, but not sloppy make out, NO, it was so sensual like he was kissing me for the first and last time ever. I try to readjust and he lifts me - that's right, lifts me from a laying down position and puts me ontop of him....I was stunned and extremely impressed because it required little, if no effort for him. Like, wow.

And you know what - that's all it was, lots of talking and kissing....a little groping, but nothing raunchy or over the top. We kept the really racey stuff to a minimum telling ourselves that good things come to those who wait....and he's definitely willing to wait, problem is, I'm not sure how long I can. Whoop! OH BOY!!!!

Oh Jake....I'm so going to jump on your head.

What has completely tickled my fancy about the whole thing is the innocence of it all. Do you remember those days when it was all innocent? When it was ok to just like someone for who they were? To allow yourself to have a crush on the opposite sex with no worries about "playing the game" correctly. Do you remember what it was like to just kiss someone? Do you remember what it was like to enjoy their lips and their sexiness for what it was? Because I've forgotten. I've forgotten what it is like to just make out with a guy and be completely enraptured by them. I had forgotten what it was like for someone to want to cherish me for all my wonderful glory...for my mind, my body and my soul....because he likes all three and he enjoys me. He wants to know where I've been all his life. Strong words for today's day and age no? But I'll take it and I won't analyze it...I don't feel the need nor the urge TO analyze it. No analyzation going on over here. Nope. Do you remember those days?????

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