Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cross Your Fingers

Right now, I don't have too much going on....oh yeh sure I'm talking to about 6 different guys, but they are slowly dropping off and I've narrowed the margin down to about 4.

All I'll say about one dude is this....cross your fingers for Mer. Seriously, cross them now and say a little prayer because he could make Mer VERY happy. And cross your fingers for him......and we'll leave it at that.

As for the other men....tell me what you would have done in this situation.

When I first joined MySpace, I received an email from a nice looking gentleman. The email was nothing special, but not a stupid email either. So I responded and we've emailed constantly for about 2 weeks now. I finally gave up the digits thinking he would call.....he didn't. Instead I kept getting emails saying that he "hopes I was doing ok, blah blah blah, sorry I haven't called yet, but I promise I will. yadda yadda yadda." Basically the same thing each time. YAWN!

Finally after two weeks of this crap I email him and very politely say "I know you haven't called and I'm beginning to wonder if you really are just that busy or if you aren't that interested in me all that much....either way, its all good."

Yesterday my phone rang and it was him. Nice enough guy, but now he's already started off on a bad foot with me and he's not....well, how do I put this.....he's not the brightest bananna in the bunch. So I agreed to do coffee today after work.....but now I don't want to go. I'm kind of caught in a dilemma here - I certainly don't want to put all my eggs in one basket with the guy I really like, but I'm not exactly "feeling" this guy that I'm seeing today....thus only coffee. Is that lame or what? I would cancel, but I think I need to keep myself out there.....we'll see. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

Tomorrow night though I do have plans to meet another guy that I'm interested in. Although (Sorry for lack of better words), he's a runner up to the guy I'm interested in, I think that I'll have fun and he'll be worth my time. We've emailed and talked now for two and half weeks, but schedules didn't permit me to meet him yet. It happens. At first I was really excited to meet him, but my excitment has dwindled somewhat.

At first I felt bad about talking to more than one guy, but let's be honest, I'm so sure they are talking to other girls and its not like I have a "relationship" with any ONE of them....this is ok right? I mean, I'm not betraying anyone right? I'm certainly not having "relations" with any of them, just meeting each one at some interval in time. And at what point do I stop putting myself out there - like how does this all work, when will I know I'm "exclusive" with one guy? Is it like High School and the guy asks you to be his girlfriend? I doubt it because that sounds gay as hell. Do I bite the bullet and ask the question when I feel that we have come to that point? I don't want to play games, but apparently there are all these rules....and I also don't want to smother, I want to be somewhat of a challenge.

I simply just don't know. Yo no se nada.

You see, I've never dated. Each guy that I have ever had a relationship with I have known prior to dating them. Each guy was my friend first and then we moved over to the boyfriend/girlfriend realm. This is all very new to me so I'm looking for whatever advice anyone is willing to share.

Matt gave me some "dating" tips and rules, but I don't know how much they apply to the one fella. OH GOD keep your fingers crossed for me! Its all confusing and it has me second guessing everything I do....although this guy, it seemed like I could be my goofy self. SHUT UP MER!!!!

I want to desperately tell you more about the good guy, but I'm afraid to jinx it.....WOW, that must tell you how much I like him.

So for now I guess I'll do what I'm doing - running to my friends for advice (love you Matt L.) and Trixie and Samantha and B.

WHICH - OMG - I just found out some somewhat shocking news. Apparently....B has feelings for me. I don't know how much I believe that and I'm going to investigate this further, but its a shocker to me nonetheless. Perhaps tomorrow's post will be about that.


I need a drink.

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anne arkham said...

The myspace guy who didn't call. . .dump him. You deserve someone who's crazy about you.