Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'd Say the Date Went Well

You guys want details about last night....I know. And since my personality calls for me to please others, I'm going to give you the details....even the really juicy gossipy details.

We met at a Houlihan's last night at 8:30. At first I was incredibly anxious - not nervous, I don't get nervous, but I was anxious to know how the night would proceed. Would he really look like his photo's? Would he really be as funny as his emails? Did I, myself look anything like my photos? I'm not a skinny bitch, I'm very curvy, is that what he was expecting? Would I disappoint?

No worries were ever needed. He did look yummy like his photos, he was very funny and charming and no, I did not disappoint, if anything, he was a little more into my body than I would have thought, but I'll get to that.

I had orginially planned on leaving the bar early - like 10ish - did NOT happen like that. We had such a fun time that we did not leave until almost 12....I'll get to that in a bit.

So much happened last night, I don't even know where to begin, but I'll try to keep this short and sweet. When we first sat down, my other suitor called me which had me going "Uh oh." But it was ok, I handled it well. We had a few drinks, he ate dinner and then we had a few more drinks. Now I have a booty - make no doubt, I have a round booty so when I got off my bar stool to go to the ladies room, my big round booty kind of swiped his knee....where his hand was resting. He turns to me and says, "Oh excuse me, did I just touch your butt?" And I (having a few drinks) replied, "Yep, no biggy." Know what that got me? A slap on tush. That completely opened the flood gates. After that, my ass got so much action....but hey, I'm not complaining - a girl has needs to.

We did in fact share a kiss at the bar - so cheesy, but the kiss was LOVELY. I mean, very very sensual, not too much lip, not too much tongue - just right. (Is it hot in here?) After the bar, he walked me to my car and then um......yep, we TOTALLY made out - but I'm a good girl and that's all that happened....ok that's a lie, I totally got felt up. (Nice). But that's it....ok that's another lie, my ass got grabbed some more yep, he knows first hand that I don't wear underwear - but that's it. Swear. - Booty and boobie action, that's it. Promise. He didn't meet the Mrs. and I didn't meet Mr. My magic number is low and I'd like to keep it that way.

He'll be away in Pittsburgh this weekend, (he's in the entertainment business - long story), but he wants to see me again upon his return....which is fine by me....he's a good kisser.

BUT DOES THE STORY END THERE? Nope. In the beginning of the night, when we sat down at the bar I knew the guy sitting a few seats over. He is Agnus' cousin. No worries though, he's really cool, but still I didn't want to talk to him because what if Agnus already told him the story about Peter? That would have been awkward - but after the flirty eyes he kept giving me all night, I finally said hello. (Flirty FUCK me eyes more like it). AND he wants me to give him a call. How is it that I can go on a date with one guy, and get hit on by another guy and yet, I NEVER get hit on in bars? I must have looked fucking good last night.....yeh I did.

Anyway, that's my story. Good stuff right? I have a few more dates coming up - god I hope they all don't end up in smooch fests...ok, maybe I do.

P.S. - Matt Lauer, we need to chat.


NCTRNL said...

Damnit I am jealous of that guy...

anne arkham said...

Go Mer!