Monday, November 28, 2005

Turkey Lovin'

Honestly I just don't know what to write anymore. I will not write about anyone I like - I refuse to because this site has become a jinx for any man I date. It happens.

On another was everyone's turkey day? Mine was just like it is every year, very nice. I got to see my nephew who is by far the most adorable little dude and chill with my family. No drama this year - no boyfriend to monitor booze and fight with. No ex-husband to bicker with about whose family we are going to see and when. Did I ever tell you how superior he thought his family was? Um...yeh - asshole.

Thanksgiving evening though had me meeting my girlfriend's at the 101 Pub for a little after hours partying. I had a great time that night, but what is up with all the itty bitty's trying to kiss me??? I swear, they are so much more bold than guys my own age. For instance. There is this one kid, absolutely friggin adorable. He asks me to sing a song with him in karaoke, so I oblige. We do the song, "Summer Nights" from the soundtrack Grease. Got me so far? We are on stage and he's awful, but that's why I did the song with him because he's so god damn funny - but at the part "We made out under the dock..." - he totally tried to make out with me on stage. It was friggin hysterical. Later that night when I left he started hounding Trixie to find out where I went. Um....problem - I'm like 8 years older than him. Yikes. But he's funny as hell and he's adorbale - no other way to describe him....I'd eat him up and stick him in my pocket if I could. Another example of how funny he is? At one point he came running down the aisle and was lifted into the air by this other kid, Brian, like Jennifer Gray and Patrick Schwazey from Dirty Dancing. I think I almost pee'd a little from laughing so hard. And every time I saw him, he would start hugging me and smooching me on my face.....oooooo to be young again.

Now to Brian...oooooo Brian. He's 22 years old and shortly after "the lift" he told me that sometimes older women need to have a little "young" fun. Ok, his head? - I would jump on it. Why? Because he's hot, and he's got marvelous hands to go with his tight, hard body. He was hugging and smooching me, but the sinker was he kept putting his big wonderful hands on my waste....such a power move for me. Too bad I have morals. Stupid stupid standards.

But H's 21 year old brother takes the cake. He laid a big fat smooch right on my lips...this came from left field, let me tell ya. It was not long, it was not a peck....but it did in fact catch me off guard and it did in fact make me a little.....happy. He's another adorable one - but he's also 21 and he's also H's brother. Aaaahhhh, those damn morals again. Sigh. If only......

I just don't get it. Boys have no problem coming after me. Ok so maybe its their hormones....or maybe they find me that attractive? I don't know....I DO know this and I'm not afraid to say it, I like the attention. Its so nice to have someone hitting one me. Oh sure there is and I really like getting the emails and stuff, but its not the same as face to face interaction. And its nice to have someone my age or older persuing me.



NCTRNL said...

Yeah, pretty sure you have no room to get more action in 1 night than most get in months...

anne arkham said...

The guy I was with a couple months ago. . .he's a full 13 years younger than I am.