Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Foot Hurts But it Won't Stop Me

Something is wrong with my foot and I don't know what the hell is going on. It figures because its been a few months since I've had stiches, a cast, sprained something, broke something or invariably found myself in the ER for some kind of ailment. I was due.

Saturday night I left the bar (prior to having even one sip of my drink) to run to the ATM across the street. On my return I must of stepped on a rock or a twig and twisted my ankle. It hurt at first, but I blew it off....liquor was awaiting me inside. My foot did not bother me that night and I really don't have a recollection of it bothering me on Sunday either - not this pain at least. But I was at Great Adventure all day and both my feet were sore so I let it be.

But over the past few days the pain has increased somewhat to the point that I'm uncomfortable. Here's the thing though, I have an EXTREMELY high tolerance for pain. Probably because I've torn and broken so many things in my life that now when I get hurt, its like "whatever."

I'm not just saying this either. I have a back issue and I had to go for neuorological testing. I told the doc that I had a high tolerance for pain and he proved my theory correct when he kept uping the voltage on the shocks. It happens.

Anyway, if my foot is still bothering me 4 days later, something must be wrong right? My foot is very slightly swollen and it has minor, VERY minor discoloration. Yet the pain would lead me to believe that there is something seriously wrong. So what gives? I guess I should have it looked at, but I'll wait until after the weekend since I won't be around here, I'll be in Boston and the liquor will numb the pain until I get back. Sweet.

This weekend is going to be a shit fest of epic proportions and tonight starts the festivities. Nice. Trixie and I are headed to our normal watering hole tonight to get our drink on. Then tomorrow (pending on whether or not we have off), we'll wake up, grab H and head to Boston for the weekend.

Boston, oh how I love thee. I'm seriously looking forward to it. I have no set plans iwth the exception of a party Friday night with a load of people I don't know. Nice. Other than that, the world is my oyster and what happens this weekend happens. I have no expectations for what Trixie and I will be up to the remainder of the weekend, which is how I prefer it....then I'm not disappointed. Ooooooo, maybe I'll meet a cute wouldn't that be loverly??

I'm NOT looking forward to the drive to Boston with H though. I want to punch him in his round head, but whatever. Hopefully I'll be rocking a hangover and I'll sleep all the way there. Perhaps I'll confront him about the stick that's up his ass and find out what the hell is wrong with this kid. Fuck him right? Asshole. - thank god he's staying with other friends and we won't be seeing him. Don't get me wrong. I like the kid, he's a nice enough piece of garbage, and if you were to meet him, you'd like him. I just don't get him.

Yes I'm cranky right now. I haven't had coffee and my foot is fucking killing me. It happens.

Oh and if you're wondering what happened with Ted, nothing. I didn't feel like talking to him, so I didn't. Oh well, 'dem is the brakes.

I'm hungry.

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Merni said...

You know, i just read back and of course you forgot my birthday, blah to you. . .also, you are so mixed up, one day you want drinks and parties, the next day you want love and quiet stuff. . .you can't have both. . .it sucks. . .Dating is Fun, long term dating sucks, engagement is fun, long term mariage sucks, having kids is fun, paying bills for a wife and kid suck. Nothing is perfect and never will be.