Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Good Grief......

You have NO idea what kind of emails I have been getting on MySpace. I wish I could make this up, but I'm not. I've met a few interesting people, I won't take that away, but good GOD what are people thinking when they send me a picture of them walking out of the water with no shirt on, dripping with water like they are some kind of Playgirl ad. I have to laugh. Look at this - yes very nice to look at, but come on now - please tell me there is more to you than your looks. He's hot, don't get me wrong, but I have been receiving a plethura of these kinds of emails. This particular guy actually has a sense of humor and he wants to meet me. Problem is...he was a little TOO eager to meet me. I let him know that and he's actually cool about it. He's apparently willing to wait. Nice. I'll definitely keep talking to him but I'm sure it will fall off.

But come on now - don't you think this is funny? Does anybody see the humor in this? I can't be alone....

Last night I spoke on the phone with someone who emailed me. Normally I'd pass a guy like him up - we'll call him James. Normally I wouldn't give him a nod, but his initial email was good. Good enough that we emailed for a few days and I felt good enough to give him my phone number and last night we spoke for the first time.....for an hour and a half. Nice. I probably shouldn't write about him because this website is the black kiss of death once I write about a guy. But oh well, we'll see if he's the exception to the rule.

Are there more? Sweet Jesus yes. But I'm not going to bore you with details. This guy seems the most genuine so we'll play that by ear.

I've been thinking about this whole MySpace thing though. Why is it that in person, I NEVER get hit on by the likes of these men, yet they have no problem emailing me? Don't get me wrong, men give me the "look", but its like WTF? Is it my photos? I think my photos are a pretty accurate description of myself. Is it because I'm singled out with a profile? I mean they get to read about me first and then they have the choice to email me. Perhaps that's it. I don't know, not sure. I'll have to ask one of them.

But I'll admit, I'm liking the attention. Its been awhile since I've allowed any men into my life....I know its because of my fear of rejection.....but I'm giving it a shot. I have to put myself out there. At least with this way I can screen them first and then decide whether or not they get the digits.....hey The Cat has been lonely....she needs company.

Other than that, life has been nice and boring. Not much happened over the weekend, I actually went out with an old friend of mine. She's older, but she's way cool and it was nice to change things up a bit. Sunday I was SUPPOSED to go to the Giants game to tailgate with B and then perhaps scalp tickets, but Trixie left me high and dry. I love that girl, but the second she is with her bo - you are forgotten. I hate that, but don't worry, I don't put energy into her anymore....thank god. I have more to say about her, but I won't be a gossip - I worry about her though. I just worry about her incredible need to be needed by men. Its not healthy and its going to hurt her in the long run. Enough about that though.

I went to the gym yesterday for the first time since I hurt my foot. BAD idea, I'm paying for it with a throbbing foot. I'm still going to go today, but I'll do the bicycle - BORRRIIINNGGG, at least I'm keeping active right?

And lastly, I did the cheesiest chick thing I think I have ever done. I bought the book "He's Just Not that Into You." - Yes its cheesy, but its also full of a lot of truths. If you are a broad who has tried to convince yourself that your bo is the right guy, despite the fact that he isn't worth a bag of shit....you need to read this book. Now.


anne arkham said...

I have to wonder if the guy writing is actually the guy in the picture.

Meredith said...

Anne, I'm with you. I wonder too. But they post more than one picture on their profiles. Isn't this cheesy?