Monday, November 21, 2005

Date #2

Had myself Date 2 with Waterboy last night. Yeh, this guy is just a little too much into my booty....I'm not joking....he's fascinated by it to say the least. What is that? I'm not an idiot, I know he's after sex, but why so much effort? He told me last night how much I turn him on and he's crazy for my ass.....who says things like that? I'm not a prude or anything and things get a little hot and heavy, but still! You don't even want to know the other things that he said.

Yes, he's getting the boot. Again, the date itself was very nice and we had a good time. But to tell you the truth, now that I think about it, he talks so much about himself, or maybe not so much about himself, but he doesn't ask me about me. I want the guy I date to be into me and want to know about me. I want a friend and a lover - not just a lover. I guess I should have known what he was going to be like because his emails never really had any substance. But now I'm left with having to tell him that I don't feel it - oh I felt it, don't get me wrong, but I'm not feeling "it" - the relationship. However, he's a great kisser and good god his got a nice body......I'd jump on his head from a distance! AAaahhhhh!!! Nice.


There are a three other potentials...well more than three, but I'd say that these three are the ones I'm really into meeting and with the long weekend coming up, I'm hoping to knock out at least two of them....geez, I sound like I'm doing a report or something. Cross your fingers and I'll keep you updated.

One more thing about this MySpace stuff - I'm shaply - I'm not fat, I'm not skinny, I'm average - why are all these hard bodies hitting me up? I'm soft and round - do guys find that attractive? I hate to second guess myself, but I'm just wondering. Like they eat oats and grain and grass and all the bullshit...I eat pretty well, but I like my McDonald's every once in a while. This has me wondering, that's all.

As for the remainder of the weekend, not much to talk about. I was sick so I tried to keep it mellow. I saw a comedian, Bobby Collins, Saturday night and good god that guy is too funny. If you ever get a chance, go see him.

And that's about it folks. If anything interesting pops up, I'll be sure to tell you.

P.S. - I just re-read that post and I have to say....I'm an idiot - its so obvious what this guy is really like.

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anne arkham said...

Yeah, I recently dismissed someone as an option because he didn't ask me any questions about myself. I deserve someone who's all about me.