Thursday, February 02, 2006

Birthday Wishes

Today is a much better day and its only going to get better.

Tonight kicks off a weekend long birthday celebration and you know what??? I'm going to soak it all up because I deserve it. Every year for the last 10 years, at minimum, my birthday has been a disaster for one reason or another.

Examples? Sure, why not - every year sucked for one reason or another.

16th Birthday - report cards came out 3 days before my Sweet 16. I didn't have a HUGE party per say, but about 5 of my friends were grounded for being degenerates and 2 just didn't show up. Thus leaving about 5 of my other friends to endure my crazy lunatic cousins and family.

17th Birthday - not bad, got my license and Glenn took me to a Devils game and had my name put up on the big screen.

18th and 19th Birthday - it snowed - everything was cancelled

20th birthday - my ex-husband (boyfriend at the time) didn't discuss anything with my mother and of course she was forced to rearrange my family birthday party (this became a theme for him for years to come).

For my 21st birthday my ex-husband (still my boyfriend at the time) planned a trip for myself and a few other people to Atlantic City. Since it was the big 2-1 - my mother was planning a huge party as well. Of course Glenn didn't discuss it with my mother and the whole thing became an ordeal for me to deal with. Not him, me. I had to be caught in the middle of the situation, again, and I felt just absolutely awful that I had to tell my mother I'd be away. WAIT, it doesn't end there. We all go down to Atlantic City - about 10 of us - with the plan to stay at his Aunt's condo - only problem, the water was shut off. Yes, we made the best of it, but come on now, that just really sucks.

22nd Birthday was actually ok - I got engaged at Rockafellar Center (where our first date was) and we stayed at The Plaza.....but I got sick that night with the shitz and spent the whole night in the bathroom. Good times.....should have read that as a sign, but I digress.

23rd through 25th Birthdays were just about the same thing - he was an asshole who never contacted my family about anything because he thought he was superior. He never told my family anything I wanted for my birthday so his whole family could get me everything I wanted (I'm not complaining though) and my poor mother was left to fend for herself. It makes me sad when I think about how much he left my parents in the dark. See a pattern?

26th Birthday I was about to leave my husband. A few of us rented a van and went to the city, but my friend Scott's girlfriend got rip roaring drunk and became incredibly loud and belligerant. We wound up leaving early. Plus I was fighting with my husband all night. God I hate him.

27th Birthday I was with Ted and he didn't have a pot to piss in so I got a nice gift, but that was it. No special dinners, no special day. He was too busy blowing his money on coke.

28th Birthday - this was the absolute WORST birthday. Not only was I on the outs with Ted and his drinking and drug abuse at an all time high, but my family and I decided to go to a local bar to do karaoke. None of my friends showed up. It wasn't posh enough for them. NOT only that, but my friend Laura and Rob were supposed to be there (She was my best friend at the time). Laura had slept with Rob once upon a time and when Laura's current boyfriend found out that Rob was going to be there, he flipped. I had to ask Rob not to come - BUT, get this, Laura's boyfriend continued to be a 2 year old and took her keys and cut up her mac card and then locked her out of the house. So not one friend came to that party. I still had a good time, I was with family, but still, it hurt all the same.

For my 29th Birthday Trixie is trying her hardest to make it a good one. For all her fucked up ways, this is one of the reasons why she is in fact a good friend. She knows how shitty my previous birthdays have been and she's trying so hard to make this birthday one that I will always remember as a good one.

Tonight I will be celebrating with another co-worker up in Congers, New York. Her birthday is tomorrow the 3rd and mine is the 4th. We are going to do karaoke and we are expecting other co-workers to join. I even think my parents are going to be there as well and I'm really excited about that.

Tomorrow, well tomorrow I am going to dinner and calling it a mellow night.

Saturday on the other hand, well that is going to be a shit fest. Festivities begin with a home cooked meal by my mother with friends and family. The standard cake and presents procedure to follow. Then my friends and I are headed to the city for a change. I have no expectations, but I'm keeping an open mind so I don't get disappointed. If any of you are in the NYC area, we will be at Strata (915 Broadway and 21st) - come and join me.

I don't ask for much, I'm wishing for a good birthday - not EXCELLENT, out of control, or amazing - just a good one. NO drama....please.

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