Monday, February 27, 2006

Wait and See

Men confuse me (oh yeh, like I'm one to talk), but really...they do.

This guy has been interested in me for years...I mean years. I've known him about 5 years now and he is the brother of one of my good friends. Recently it has come to light that he's always had a "thing" for me - going as far as to tell my friend that he would like her "to hook him up." She has refused to be the catalyst to set us up - again we are good friends and she is not against the union, she just wants to stay out of it. Makes perfect sense and I prefer it that way. She thinks we would make a great couple, but it should happen naturally - Good.

However, she did put the word out there for me that he is an interested party and since my last break up he's made it known to her again. Apparently when I broke up with Ted, he found out from another source that the break up transpired and wondered out loud why she was negligent in informing him. Again, she wants to stay out of it - but recently she did make it known to me and put the birdie in my ear.

Following? Good.

So when I completely and totally came upon his profile on MySpace the other day, I was pleasantly surprised. I should start with telling you all that I have changed my status on MySpace. I am not on there anymore to meet men. Hell to the NO on that topic. I changed my status to "Friends and Networking" for about the last 4 weeks and so far, so good. I go on there to chit chat with friends and leave obscene yet funny comments. Yadda yadda yadda, you get the picture. But sometimes I am so bored out of my mind here at work that I'll browse pictures and whatnot because it fucking funny as hell to see what people post about themselves. I love looking at the poser pictures and sending them to my sister and Trixie to goof on. We've had many many good laughs at the expense of others...hey, they put that shit out there for us all to view it, I'm going to goof on it. Sorry, but its the truth.

I would be lying though if I said that every once in awhile I'll come upon a cute or (shocker) hot guy and I'll check him out. That's how I found him on MySpace. At first I didn't recognize him, but after reading the profile and finally looking at more pictures, it hit me and I got excited. Excited because it was someone I knew and excited because it was her brother and we have a few things in common.

Anyway, I wrote him an email about the coincidence and called my friend that night. We had a great laugh over it and that was that. He responded to my email a day later, to which I responded again. Um yeh - that was last week and I haven't heard back which is odd because the way my friend talks, you would think he was in love with me. See on MySpace you can tell when someone last logged in, but you can also tell when they have read your email.

Stop - can we say stalker?

He's logged in, but he hasn't read nor responded to my email. What is that? I'm not sweating it (stop laughing), but I thought I would have heard back from him. Perhaps he's laying low to get feedback from his sister? I told her not to get involved, but if it did come up she could give him the green light and let him know I was interested....that's it. But still, does anyone see my point? He's interested, but he hasn't responded. Confusing right?

This has all happened in the last few days so I can't offer up more information other than this. Oh except....when my friend told me about her brother and his deal with relationships - it was like I was talking about myself. We both have the same issues - we want to be in a relationship, but we are not exactly ready to put ourselves out there to be hurt again. Neither one of us has dated anyone excessively in awhile and both of us are capable, yet cynical when it comes to conditions of the heart. That is what has me most intrigued....someone who can understand that yes, I'm willing to be in a committed relationship, but its got to start slow and its got to be right. Weird right?

For now, I'll sit back and keep doing what I'm doing. I told my friend that if her brother was most certainly interested, he'll get in touch with me and there is no need for her involvement. I'm not about to chase anyone - perhaps I might have done that back in the day - but this is new and improved Mer. Plus, I'm not in a rush for anything. For now, its wait and see.

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