Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sick is the New Black




After work yesterday I was feeling much better. I have no idea what transpired during the day to lift not only my spirits, but my cold ailments as well. So when Nicole invited the girls over for our usual Tuesday night American Idol meeting, hesitant at first, I decided to give it a go and meet them for an hour.

Bad move.

Although I left at 9, it seems that I missed my window for sleep and now I'm sitting here hacking like it was day one of the cold again. Not cool. It was awesome to be out of the house though amongst my friends laughing again being surrounded by the living....but now I feel like shit. Today straight from work I am going home and putting on my pink pajamas with the cute little dogs on them and crawling into bed because tomorrow is Trixie's divorce and we are headed out straight from work to grab a drink. Don't worry, I only plan on going out for a little while.

Stop laughing. I'm really I don't have the funds nor the will power to be out tomorrow and plus, we are starting right after work so it will be an early evening. Thank God.

On the flip side of cold has me feeling totally funky today. Completely out of sorts. At first while driving to work I was in the mood to listen to sad songs like John Legend "Ordinary People" and The Platters, "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" preparing myself for a day of depression and self loathing - you know, the kind of mood one is in on a rainy day....even though its not raining, but I digress. Anyway, I don't know what happened between parking my car and the elevator ride up here that has me wanting to foolishly make out with someone. How random is that?!?!? Like I want to lay a big fat kiss on some random dude......damn. I have no one in the works, no man whores in "friends with benefits" to corral.

One word - Suck.

As the fever courses through my body, my head full of snot, my chest wheezing like a mo fo, I find this incredibly amusing....not sure why - one would think that making out would be the last thing on your mind when sick, but I can't help it. It happens......does anyone else find this funny? No? Ok that way.


NCTRNL said...

Who has the cheapest flights to New Jersey? I need to get there NOW!!!

anne arkham said...

Eh. I think I'm coming down with the same thing.