Monday, February 06, 2006

Lucky Girl

Calling me a lucky girl is an understatement. My birthday weekend was out of control awesome....and when I say it was "out of control" I mean it was KICK ASS!!

Before I tell you how I spent the weekend, I want to make it clear how lucky I am to have the family and friends that I have. They truly tried their hardest to make this birthday a special and memorable one. They all know what I've been through and they all love me, thus making this the best birthday I have had in 13+ years. It was tremendous and lovely.

Thursday - karaoke with my parents and co-workers was out of control. My parents didn't stay late, but they had a great time watching all of us get drunk and act like retards. They actually want to come again - go figure. We brought H along with us and if you'll recall - him and I have been weird since that little stint this summer. Yeh, well that was totally abolished Thursday. We were right back to the way we used to be before that whole episode and it was hysterical. H got BOMBED. He kept leaving his cell phone unattended - naturally I had to fuck with him by changing the banner on his cell phone display.....three times. "Mer is Cool." "I am Gay" and "I like Penis" - all very true. Funny part is that he was too drunk to know how to change it back and he kept coming to me - of all people - to fix it. Of course I didn't. Plus we convinced him to get on stage. He did a rendition of "Plush" by Stone Temple Pilots. It was funny as hell.

Friday - no comment about Friday - but good things were going on Friday.

Saturday - Mom threw me a party at the house with my friends and family and it was great. I got some really nice things that I wasn't expecting. Truth be told, I totally forgot about the presents part of things, I was just so happy my friends were coming over and my family finally got the chance to meet them. Two awesome presents of note were my iPod Nano and my Devil's Jersey. SO FRIGGIN GREAT!! I'm so lucky.

From there we traveled into the city and met up with more people. Much to my enjoyment, everyone chipped in and bought a VIP table for the occasion. Can I just say, if I had the money, this is the ONLY way I would ever go out. It was insane. We had three huge ass bottles of liquor and I got to play bartender. Uh yeh, I don't know who allowed me to do that because needless to say, everyone got RIPPED. So much fun. The evening ended about 5:30 a.m. - uh yeh. Nice.

During the day though, I received a call from an old friend of mine. See when I was married, all of my friends were people that my husband knew. It was a whole crowd of us that always hung out....and somehow, someway - I got them in the divorce settlement. YAY!!! Anyway, my friend John (the man I SHOULD have married) is very well off with money having won $36 million about 6 years ago (Don't worry, I was in love with him well before that, the money is now just a bonus). Every year he hosts a Superbowl party and sure enough, he was having it again last night.

Sunday - woke up at 12:00 noon and laid around all day with Trixie. We did nothing - we couldn't. Thank god I didn't have a hangover, but still, I was tired as hell. Then later that evening Samantha, Matty, Cheryl and myself rallied and headed to John's for the party where I got to see everyone - all my friends from before my divorce. That in itself was great, but John he really really does know how to put on a good party (I'd still jump on his head six different ways). Every room had a television in it, he had the food catered, he's got a big den downstairs complete with a big screen television and he DJ'd during the whole half time. It was insane. I was sooooo happy to see everyone - it was the cherry on top. I reconnected with a few people and I'm never going to allow us all to stray again.

All in all, it was a great weekend. For the most part everything went according to plan. I'm on cloud nine right now with all my stupid happiness coursing through my body. I am one lucky girl indeed.

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NCTRNL said...

Good lord, I need to hang out with you more often...