Friday, February 24, 2006

Divorce Celebrations....

Let's get right into it shall we? Yesterday at 3:30 Trixie picked me up straight from work and we headed out to celebrate her divorce. I've got to tell ya, drinking that early - her in her happy mood, me a little contemplative - we had some interesting conversations and intriguing revelations before we met up with our friends at 8:00, but then again we were also shitfaced by 6:00 p.m., but I digress.....

We headed to a nice restaurant for a few glasses of wine and dinner. We were celebrating therefore we chose a good place. Unfortunately we sat at the bar with the absolute worst bartender. Let me start with his physical appearance - at first we were like, "ok, nice...." he had dirty blond hair, he was muscular and his face wasn't all that lacking, however, when he opened his mouth he was a complete and total moron who thought he was smart. The worst kind. He trying to gossip (loudly) with the waitresses, who apparently felt the same way we did about him because they repeatedly either disagreed with him or didn't talk to him. Then he goes on to brag to other bartenders, rather loudly and rudely his betting picks from the night before. Did he really think Trixie and I wanted to hear his stupid banter? I really wanted to complain - and I'm not one of those patrons who complain about anything. I thought better of it, and finally I turned to Trixie and I said, "I hate the bartender. He is an obnoxious twit. I know that working behind this bar is the social climax of his life, but does he really think we can't hear him? He has no couth."

Despite his ridiculously detestable stupidity, we had a nice dinner and enjoyed ourselves immensly. We talked about her marriage and where she is now in life. We also spoke about another relationship she had shortly after her separation and she is finally seeing things clearly. I think you'll remember me complaining about how dumb about men and conceited she can be, but she's coming around - slowly. I'm very proud of her and happy for her at the same time. Her marriage was awful and put her through a lot so this is a very good moment in her life. Go Trixie.

It was an interesting night to say the least. We both reminisced abour our husbands and then the relationships that followed. In the last year we have both witnessed a lot and survived it all and we've realized a lot about ourselves. This past year was a big year of self discovery and growing up. Out of our very very girlie conversations last night we came to a few realizations about relationships and love. Trixie is still a little behind in knowing what she wants and she admitted as much last night. She is happy with the guy she is currently dating and she also recognizes that being as promiscuous as she was in recent months was not healthy for her mind, body and soul. She understands...finally. She also gave me a compliment that I wasn't expecting, it was kind of off hand but it made me feel better....she told me "Mer at least you know what you want and you aren't leading anyone around." It stopped me and I thought to myself - Do I really know what I want or is that I just know what I don't want? Humph....something to think about right? But it felt good to hear it from someone else was almost empowering in a way.

After dinner and walking around the mall so we could sober up a bit, we finally headed to the 101 to meet everyone else for a normal Thursday night. As we were sitting there, a young guy came over, took my hand in his and introduced himself. He was very nice and kept giving us compliments and offered to buy us drinks. We declined nicely and continued our evening. About a half hour later he was ready to leave and he came to say good bye....again stopping to tell me how beautiful I was and how it was such a pleasure to meet us. Ok so he was younger and a bit dorky, but I wasn't about to burst his bubble if I didnt have to - until the following conversation ensued:

Him: "Well you are both the most beautiful women in this bar tonight....even though I am not the best looking guy ever...."
Me: "Oh you need to be more confident," as I rub his shoulder.
Him: "I was being sarcastic."


I felt awful, but Trixie started giggling and I apologized. Uh yeh, don't think he'll be offering me any drinks any time soon. Yikes.

I called it a night at 9:30. I was 100% sober (thus no drunk dials last night....sorry guys) and went home to my beddy bye. I wish I could tell you what happened to the rest of the clan and Trixie after I left, but its only 9:34 am right now.....all I can say is that Trixie called out of work today. Good for her, I hope she had a kick ass night.

Congradulations Trixie on your divorce, I'm so proud of you for going through with it. We are now an elite club.

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Divorce celebrations. . .sigh. . .someday. . .