Friday, January 06, 2006

Coming Clean

Happy Friday ya all!!!

In the past few days, nothing of particular interest has happened. I've spoken with Jake everyday, like clockwork, had my hair done (looks sexy as hell), and went to dinner with Samantha last night. No wild parties, no heavy drinking, just me and my girl.

Tonight I'm heading up to Jake's place for dinner and perhaps a drink and/or a movie. Not sure yet, we'll just see where the night takes us. I'm not looking forward to the hour long drive to get there though. That's another downfall - the drive. If we are to meet up, its got to be in the middle or I have to drive out to see him. Remember, I recently moved back home to moms and pops so that's a no go.

Either way, I'm actually looking forward to it. I know what I said in the beginning of the week, but the best way to describe the way I feel is this, that special magic is missing. Perhaps its because I've been lucky enough to feel it in the past that I'm waiting for those sparks that have me craving more....perhaps. Or maybe its because there is no challenge. He's serving it up a little too easy and I like a know this.

Its all good though. I plan on talking to him tonight about backing off just a little bit. Its a little uncomfortable how fast he has these really strong feelings, but I totally understand. Completely. I didn't mean to come off as a cold bitch that was throwing him aside aleady. No, not at all. I do like him, he's a great person inside and out and I enjoy my time with him. If I'm on the phone with him I'm happy, if I'm in his presence I'm happy so its all good.

I will however make this one promise, I will NOT lead him on, I will be honest and straightforward and as soon as I understand what I want, he'll be first to know.

That's a lie. We all know I'll tell you first because I'll have to figure it all out and then approach him, but he'll be the first one I speak to about it - like verbally.

Another lie.

I'll tell Trixie first, she'll approve the speech and then I'll talk to him.

But that's it. Pinky promise.

I'll let you all know how it goes....have a great weekend and rock on.

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NCTRNL said...

Don't give him all the keys, just a few. You give him too many and he's gonna be playing you like a fiddle. I've seen it 100 times...