Monday, January 23, 2006

Worst. Date. Ever.

Fucking people suck.

That said......where do I even begin. I had decided to stop meeting people from MySpace back in the beginning of Decemeber. I had met a few guys that didn't pan out for one reason or another, when low and behold I received one last funny email just about the same time I met Jake. We kept in loose contact and he seemed pretty funny, a little pushy, but funny nonetheless. Of course things began to heat up with Jake and this guy, we'll call him Stimpy, (I don't know, it fits). Stimpy finally calls me out and wants to meet - and I'm 100% honest with him telling him I'm already dating someone else. He makes a good case and just says, let's meet.

Fine by me.

Well. Simpy's pictures were all of someone who was pretty shredded and buff - short perhaps, but still, he listed himself as 5'9" and so I went with it. Uh no. If he was 5'5" - I would be surprised. AND he had a pot belly. What is that? PLUS, I think he had a few drinks before we even met. BIG NO NO.

He winds up being this little bull dog with a chip on his shoulder. We talked, we ate, it was ok - and then he knocks my car citing reasons why the Infinity G35 is better than the Nissan 350Z. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? This is the type of shit you want to talk about on a first date? Not only that, but he gets snotty about the whole thing talking like he is the Infinity G35 rep or some shit. Yep, dem is fightin' words. The mother fucker actually looked me in the eye and said, "Do you know who Car and Driver magazine voted number one car two years ago?"

I'm not making this up. I looked him dead in the eye and told him, "I could really give a shit." Then he gets down on me for defending the 350Z AND the car that I drive. The car I've put loads of money into and then he has the balls to tell me I'm getting defensive. I don't about you guys, but when someone attacks anything I love and care about, I'm going to defend it. BUT that isn't even the last of it, I told him him flat out I didn't want to discuss this any longer that the conversation was taking a dive and I would like to talk about something else. HE KEEPS GOING AT ME telling me that I can dish it but I can't take it.

Let's stop right there. I barely spoke - I had to listen to him spew useless garbage and when I tried to talk, he interrupted.

Loser. He even berrated me via text messaging Friday and Saturday and THEN he also sent me two more emails. These are his two emails, verbatim and then my response. I lied a little of course about having a nice time, but I wanted to stick it to him.

First email: hey was the 101?? it was definitely an interestingtime last night. i think you're a cool chick... but it seems like you get defensive way to easily, and misconstrued a friendly debate of subjective opinions. i wasnt bashing YOUR car... i was stating my personal preference. if you can't understand where i was coming from - then oh well. sometimes you gotta just take a deep breath & chill...i'm sure if you need to take one or two - you can find a pill.

Second Email: sooooooo... r u not replying b/c you're sooo damn busy at work... or is your seaweed in a bundle??!! i have a feeling it's the latter, not the former ;-) hence my observation about you was correct. easily frazzled & extremely defensive b/c of past relationships. you gotta get over the past b/4 you can move into the future... is your seemingly coolness a facade?? or did you just have an off night?? you can't fake bein cool... and trust me girlie - i ain't no fool

My Response: Despite any differencing of opinions, I still had a good time. For your information, I left work at 9:00 a.m. on Friday. I was actually up for chilling with you one more time because "what if" it was just an offnight. Honestly, you and I had some pretty funny emails going and that my friend was a breathe of fresh air. But after reading the last two emails....and seeing how fast you are to judge. I'll pass. A small misunderstanding and whoops, look who got defensive.Thanks again for Thursday evening, be well and good bye.

Dude can't let it go. He's already responded to my email with a five paragraph dissertation. I have yet to read it because - why bother? Its him basically getting his panties in an uproar. Listen Stimpy - take off your panties and spit on them. Let it go. Let it go bro.

After that catastrophe, I did what The Cat would do - I went out with my friends.

At dinner I had two Cosmopolitans. Not bad. I took about 20 minutes to a half hour break between drinks at dinner and then I took another break before I met up with my friends at the 101 where I consumed another two drinks and one shot. All in all I drank for 5 1/2 hours, had only 4 drinks and one shot.....yet I got so bombed that the next day was a living disaster. I was so hungover that I had to leave work at 9. I could not stop throwing up.

I threw up 11 times. ELEVEN!!!!!!

People, I've gotten drunk before, I've had double that amount and been fine, but this one time, the alcohol must have hit me the wrong way because I wanted to die on Friday. Death could not take me fast enough....I had no business trying to go to work, I should have stayed home, but I try to be a trooper. Yeh, next time (which I pray there is NEVER a next time), I will stay home. I swear, I didn't even feel that bad going home from the 101 and I have been cursing myself out ever since. So not cool. So not cool on so many levels.

I have more to write about the weekend and that post will come later on because its a tough one to write for so many reasons. Yes, it has to do with Jake.

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anne arkham said...

What an ass. He should be thanking his lucky stars you went out with him once.