Monday, January 09, 2006

Weekend Recap

This was by far one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time. Now I know that I have some kick ass weekends, I know that some of these weekends are a myriad of painting the town red, purple, green and orange, but this one was great on so many different levels.

A sigh of relief.....

Friday evening I headed up to Jake's place for a very nice dinner and then to a martini bar afterward. And good lord I got so drunk so fast. This is what I had all night to drink; One beer at his apartment (Heiniken), one cosmopolitan at dinner. Then one cosmopolitan at the martini bar and one French martini. I have no idea what was in those drinks just shy of jet fuel, because after the second one at the bar, I was flying so high. The worst part of it all is that I knew it was going to happen. After starting my second drink I called it, I said it to him that if I finished the second one, I'd be a goner. Sure enough, I was blasted - not incoherent fucked up drunk, but enough where I was very loose with the tongue telling him things I wouldn't normally say. Apparently I gave him a chuckle or two....but I don't remember everything I said so its got me a little worried. He told me that I didn't say anything bad, but still, it makes me uneasy. However, I'm not all that worried.

PLUS - this is a big bonus. I can drink around him. Remember, my last relationship I couldn't do that. Fights were inevitable when any liquor was around. And I LOVE making out with him. I can kiss that kid for hours....and he's the same way. Yes, we are "that" couple. PDA's are all over the place. Not inappropriate though, just lots of PDA's. (YAY! GO MER!!)

The time I spent with him was really good though. I really do like him. I want to keep seeing him and I look forward to doing things with him. But (there is always a "But") - the distance between us is going to be very hard. Not so hard that we couldn't work it out, but hard enough that it might wear thin should things go astray. Second, he gets so amped up and excited that he is constantly cutting me off when I'm talking and it is something that I see I could and will snap at him about. I don't have a temper....anymore, however, it gets on my last nerve. I make jokes about it now, but I know that one day something will FLY RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH. I concsiously try to bite my tongue, but its gonna happen. And lastly - he talks during movies. BIG PET PEEVE of mine. I get REALLY REALLY into movies when I watch them and when you can't contain yourself, I get pissed. - Of course none of these things are MAJOR things to worry about....which is nice for a change. Very nice.

Verdict: two thumbs up.

Saturday we ran errands together during the day and watched a movie. Unfortunately I had to cut the day short at about 5:30 and head back home. I had plans with Trixie to meet one of her new bo's in the city at a place called Vudo Lounge. I was apprehensive, but I was also very very tired and hung over....think that would have taught me right? Nope. The second I walked into the club, the music was fabulous. No joke, Hip Hop, R&B and a little little bit of salsa. Good enough for me. I haven't danced that much since we went to Crobar this summer. Seriously, my legs are still hurting. And I got drunk of course. Who would have thunk it right? Actually I don't know what it was this weekend, but I got so drunk so fast all weekend - it was awful and yet strangely awesome.

Sunday - well since I didn't go to bed until 5:30 a.m., I'd have to say that Sunday had the potential to be a nightmare. I was going to see The Producers on Broadway with the whole family....a LOT of potential to be a disaster. Cranky Mer is never a good thing so the levels of annoyance were set at high before the day even started. But guess what? I had such a nice time with Jake and Trixie, that I was still flying on cloud nine when it came time to be with the family. It wasn't until about 7:00 last night that I started to crash. But I called Jake, he put a smile on my face and all was good with the world once again.

Its nice to have something positive to say. Its lovely to have something to look forward to. Jake might not be my ideal, but he's a good soul and he'll always take good care of me in mind, body and soul. So far, so good. I don't have an urge to analyze, I simply look forward to seeing him again this weekend.


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