Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good Things for Those Who Wait

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my ego has been stroked twice this morning before 8:00 a.m., I'd consider this a pretty good day already.

Despite skepticism, my psychic reading went quite well last night and I have to admit, she was pretty on target.

But lets back up and create a little ambiance shall we? The door opens and we are greeted by two women leaving, wheeping and happy to hear what the psychic "Betsy" had to say. We entered the misty room, I'm sorry, the smoke infested atmosphere and immediately my throat starts to hurt, but I'm excited nonetheless and we proceed with the formalities.

I sit down at probably the rickiest old wood table I've ever laid eyes on and a chair that's about to combust under me - (because Trixie made me go first) and we begin. I shuffle my cards, cut them and she begins to place 5 cards in front of her (as each increment of cards is dealt in a series of 5 cards each) First words out of her mouth, "You just got out of something. Something horrible. But you had to leave the situation. Just walk away. He had a lot of problems, but he was a good friend. He had addictive behavior which is odd because Gemini's are not like that. He had a problem with a male in his family and that is the root of lot of it." HOT DAMN, GET THIS WOMAN A BEER!!!!! Or in her case another pack of cigarettes.

She deals 2 of the next 5 cards and looks up "You've already met someone!" - HOLY SHIT. "Oh and he's good. He makes you happy. He's honest and he'll be good to you. He's very family oriented and that's something that you've been missing. This is something that you are familiar with."

I won't bore you with tons of details, but I went there to basically find out about my life and the direction it was headed. Of course I did want to know about my love life, but it was not my main focus, however, this must be a HUGE part of my life as she kept coming back to it. Not only did she mention my new love interest, she came back to him 5 times throughout my 1/2 hour session. She basically said that I should not be skeptical of him. He's a good man, he's honest and he has a stable job. He will be romantic, he is not cheap and I should let my guard down and let him in my life. - HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN! It is in the fall and winter that he will spend a lot of money on me by either way of a gift or a trip. HOT DAMN! BRING IT COWBOY!

She also told me that my upcoming trip(s) with a Leo (that would be Trixie) will be good trips. We will have lots of fun and we should not worry about whatever it is that we are worrying about. (For me money, for Trixie her relationship). All will be good and we will have fun.

She read that my grandmother is having a problem with falling (very true) and she should see a neurologist. My grandmother is young enough that whatever this is can be fixed. My father is worried about money and work (he was out of work for the better part of 2 years and has been kicking around since). He will find something this fall by way of a friend (my father's friend Bruce has recently offered him a job) and we are not to worry.

Many other little tidbits came out, but she kept coming back to my new man. This makes me very happy as I'm not only skeptical about love, but I'm skeptical about letting him into my life as he does live far and I've been hurt to much. I'm not to worry anymore. This makes me feel better - even it is a crock of shit, its still good to hear good things and even have something to hope for.

She saw many changes in my life - job (uh yeh), friends (uh yeh), my love life (hell's yeh!)- everything has changed and its all been for the better. My health suffered as a result of my bad relationship before but its back on track and I'm doing good again - YES! She talked of loss of a friend (which we know can mean Ted or Agnes) but its ok, I should not run the gossip mill otherwise it will bite me in the ass. (Good advice chickadee). This is the end of something bad and the beginning of something new. All good.

I'm happy she spoke about all positive things and although my wish will come true, it will not come true for awhile. But marriage is in my future (ok, now she's full of shit) and it will be a lasting marriage (at least that makes me feel better).

All in all it was a great reading. All good in Mer's hood.

I firmly believe in Karma and I firmly believe that good things come to those who wait. This is only proof positive as far as I'm concerned. Go Mer!

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Anne Arkham said...

Very cool! I went to a psychic once, and he was clueless. Maybe he was just a bad one, but he was bad enough that I've never been back.