Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Psychic Readings & Testing

Tonight I am going for my very first psychic reading. I'm kind of indifferent about it. I know not to read too much into these things, plus I think she's the type of psychic who does more the stars and tarrot card thing in contrast to talking to dead people. But anyway, I'm not the slightest bit apprehensive, I think this will be lots of fun so wish me luck.

Now I know Trixie wants answers about her love life and I guess I do too. But I want more answers regarding the direction of my life. I want more direction because I don't know what is stopping me from following my dreams. Although I am already taking some minor steps toward what I want to do, I guess I'm waiting for a sign. Perhaps she can give me one. We'll see.


On a more serious note, we all know that Mer is new to the dating thing. We all know that she has only been in monogamous relationships in her life and horsing around with multiple partners is not in her vocabulary. So. Now that she is dating someone who, yes, she does consider special enough to have her flower (for all you Friends fans), we come to the subject of being tested.

Now I've never had this conversation with anyone before so yes for this I am apprehensive. I usually shoot straight from the hip and come out with things from left field, but since I'm trying to do things the right way this time, I'm finding it difficult.

To all of you, this seems sudden, but our relationship is basically a long distance one due to time schedules and his job. We speak via email everyday and via the phone every evening and there is genuine "like" going on. We've had three dates thus far and always a good time. No doubt.

I'm being cautious, dont worry your pretty little heads. I have no delusions because I'm still keeping my options open, but at the same time I don't want a good one to slip away. Our time is usually limited when we do see each other and I think we are both hoping that will change once he's completely settled into his new home. But we're not at the slumber party stage just yet - although it has come up. (Geez can I TALK in any more circles?)

My sentiment is this, if I bring it up now (which would be a good idea) then that buys me some more time for the real relationship to develop while we do the blood test thing. Although there does seem to be a pretty solid foundation, and for those who have seen us together (prior to dating and currently) see the spark. Totally unavoidable.

I'm SUCH a dork. Swear. I'm making a much bigger deal of this than needs be. But I have to psych myself up for this crap. Its a little nerve racking, but he's so cool that I don't think this will be received unwell. You're all saying "Geez Mer, Go for the Gusto already! Grow a set and just ask!"

FINE! I will! GOD calm down people! Perhaps tonight if we get a good solid amount of time on the phone I'll broach the subject. I imagine this catastrophic conversation going something like this:

"Hi (insert special guys name). Yeh I've been meaning to ask you something. And since you know me and you know that I just pull subjects out of my ass, I'm going to ask you something right now. Since we both know that sex is definitely on the horizon, I need to know if you've been tested for, well, for everything. No? Ok, well I think we should go and since we never really get to see each other, this gives us plenty of time."

How's that? Oh maybe I should write him a poem?

Roses are red,
violets are blue
without a blood test
I can't have sex with you.

Damn, I'm a true poet.

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Anne Arkham said...

I'll tell my clients at the gyne clinic to use that!