Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Ever have one of those days where every little fucking small ass thing goes wrong? Its not even like your the one who fucked up, its just that life is against you that day. Its not anything major like a car accident, god forbid, but stupid asinine things one right after the other.

I woke up this morning on the other side of the bed, laying on my stomach in aching pain because I have a bad back and it isn't smart for me to sleep like that. Not only was my back fucked, I only had a few hours sleep because for whatever reason, sleep has now decided to take a vacation from Mer for the better part of a week now. I look in the mirror - great bags Mer, wonder if they'll go with your shoes?

To offset things, its a gorgeous day out giving me the brainstorm to straighten my hair (forgot to mention it, I dyed my hair, it looks awesome). I pick an outfit and get ready. Leave the house and find myself only two blocks away when the road is blocked by a garbage truck run by four of the biggest imbecile to walk this earth. Now I'm starving, cranky and running late, but I want to stop at the bagel store. No parking. Ok, ok, fine, I'll get something at work, no biggy.

I drive to work on my usual route to be stopped by yet ANOTHER garbage truck, but they were a little smarter and I was able to have some composure. However, of course, there is a friggin ROAD BLOCK just a mile later causing me to go further out of my way this morning.


Finally, I get to the garage, park, grab the commuter bus and head in. I decide since its so lovely out to walk the outside route across campus. Wrong move. The back door is NEVER locked - today it was. Around the block I go with only 10 minutes before I'm considered late. I finally make it to my office and decide since this morning has been a royal pain in the ass, I'll go treat myself to some Starbuck's. Good idea. Fabulous idea. However I only have $4 and I want a latte AND something to eat and since we all know that Starbuck's is a huge rip off, we need a plan. I'll use my mac card to buy the coffee and the $4 to buy myself something to eat next door. Good idea. NOPE! My card gets rejected not once, but twice! This pisses me off because I know I just transferred money into the account, so I use my $4 to pay, apologize and walk over to Bank Of America - who can suck my ass, but that's another story. I deal with that and walk to get myself my bagel and crawl back to my office. What should have taken 5 minutes took 20. I look in the mirror - my pin straight hair is now becoming a horrid mess of frizzy. Fucking asshole humidity - go fuck you.

I should have known that it was going to be a bad day when I tried to go to sleep last night and cried. Yep, last night was another night of crying for no reason other than I was feeling sorry for myself. I'll get over it.....eventually.


nctrnl said...

Good lord woman. You need a hug. My day started off badly but it didn't keep getting worse like yours. Hope things get better for you. They really can't go anywhere but up...

Meredith said...

Yes. Yes I do need a hug.

Anne Arkham said...

*big, big, big hug*