Thursday, August 18, 2005

Words of Wisdom

Everyone, please welcome Matthew from "Blogging the Dolphin" to our little quasi-neighborhood. I found his link on Jason Mulgrew's site. As normal I read a few of the posts and found him very entertaining, probably because he's got a twisted sense of humor (like me), plays softball (like me) and when you piss him off, he rants about it (guess what? like me). But here's the kicker - on July 28th he wrote about the woes of traveling and everything he was saying was like - "Wow, I couldnt agree more. I think I'll send him a quick little note." I start typing away an email and decide to tell him that I had a similar post on my blog and that he should check it out.


When I went back to my blog to check the date of my post - it was July 28th. THE SAME DATE!!!! Can we say "El Bizzaro?" I encourage everyone to take a quick peek - his softball uniform is steller.


Something has been bopping around in my head for awhile and I wasn't sure if I was going to act on this notion or if I was going to push the envelope like I normally do. Its kind of like when mom says, "Don't touch that!" - well what's the first thing you do? You touch it. My life story.

One night after our softball game, we were all hanging out doing the ol' boozefest thing. Beer flowed just as freely as the conversation. As I remember, it was just shortly after Ted and I started dating so I'd say this was about two years ago. Of course a favorite topic to discuss was naturally Ted and I. Reason? Because I had just left my ex-husband a few months prior and this was my first "relationship" so of course people were curious and people also had their advice.

Now I've received my fair share of advice from people, trust me, at the time I didn't get advice, I got lectures. But there is some advice that has stuck with me and today, I thanked the person who gave me this advice.

It was a conversation between myself and Marc, our token ace hitter and starring center fielder. A little back ground info on Marc, nice looking - great eyes, stays in shape, all around good personality and single. But if you get him on a topic, dear lord be ready - make sure you don't have dinner plans or at least set your alarm to go off 20 minutes from the inception of the conversation because he can talk. He is by far a plethura of knowledge. He'd be great on Jeopordy I'm sure. (Don't worry Marc, I still love you).

Anyways, he starts asking me if Ted is the one. Even then I knew that Ted wasn't it for me. I told Marc that Ted was not Mr. Right, he was Mr. Rightnow. And of course in true Marc fashion, he pushed the conversation, getting me to dig deep and think hard. Marc's a thinker and he likes to evoke thought from you. He likes to chase the conversation around the room and then corner you like prey, thus pulling the truth from you. He loves to see the light bulb go off in your head. Cool at times, but can be aggravating when you just want to get your point across. If he was my boyfriend I'd bitch slap him from one side of the state to the other, but I digress..... (still feelin' the love Marc).

Two years later, that conversation still rings in my head. It has me being more honest with myself. So yesterday I wrote him the following email:


-----Original Message-----
From: (Very Italian Last Name), Meredith
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 11:33 AM
To: (Weird last name), Marc
Subject: Words of Wisdom

Not sure if you remember this, but one night about a year or two ago, we were sitting in the parking lot after a game drinking (what else?) and you and I got on the subject of dating and not bothering with people if you know its not right. You said, "When I date someone, I know by the first date if its’ not going to work out and then I move on, because why waste time."

Truer words have never been spoken. So I want you to know that I’m living by those words. After Tom and I broke up I decided to give myself some time. Now that I’ve started dating, I’m living by this motto. Regardless of what people might think (cough cough) I’m taking it easy. I started dating someone. He’s wonderful – like if I told you about him, you’d say "Hell I’d date him!" – but I'm taking it easy and seeing where this is going.

Thanks Marc for your wisdom. Don’t let it go to your head though – oh wait too late.

Now of course he responded and in true Marc style he wrote:


-----Original Message-----
From: (Weird Last name), Marc
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 1:29 PM
To: (Very Italian Last name), Meredith
Subject: RE: Words of Wisdom

Its all about making sure we are all happy all of the time. We only get one shot at this thing we call life and when we do something that turns out wrong we don’t get a chance to redo it. The one sure thing about love is that it’s out there and we have to keep chasing it until we find it. And when we do, we have to work really hard to keep it.


First off, thanks Socrates. Just kidding - he should have his own blog though right?

Its funny where we pick things up. It can be on TV, a friend or a foe, but its what we remember and take with us that will eventually keep us out of trouble.

Thanks again Marc, perhaps had I listened to you two years ago I wouldn't have gotten in this mess after all. Then again I wouldn't have this website and I wouldnt' be the person I am today - with a great rack.

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