Monday, August 01, 2005

A Weekend of Love

Do I kiss and tell? A true lady never reveals her secrets right? Ahhhh F that, you guys should know me better.

Despite anything that occurred on Friday with Agnes, I still had a pretty kick ass weekend. Seriously, she barely interrupted my thoughts this weekend leaving me to believe that apparently this doesn't bother me as much as I led on.

So on Friday evening I got ready and met up with that special guy with a clear mind ready for only good things to come into my life. I wore my skinny jeans (sorry men, only the ladies will understand the skinny jeans thing), a button down sage colored blouse with short sleeves and my fuck me wedges (again, only the girls should know what these are). My hair was straight, my make up fresh and my mojo blazing red. I helped him pack the last of his belongings, we grabbed some beer and pizza and settled in to watch a movie. Well. Not to kiss and tell or anything, but the night was received rather fabulously. Not only was the conversation flowing, but the tension between us was hot. Our evening was a definite success and I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I have no idea when that will be, but that is just fine with me. We speak almost every day and we genuinely enjoy one another - in more ways than one. - (insert squealing noise here).

I left his place at about 1:00 a.m., got in the car and immediately dialed Trixie to discuss the details of the evenings events. She's so proud of me and impressed by him. Proud of me because I've admitted that I do in fact like him and she's amazed by him because he's lasted this long. I haven't tried to worm my way out yet and he's allowed me to move at my own pace.

I drove home that morning with a real true smile. I kept giggling to myself recounting the funny things said throughout the evening and the way he kissed me good night. He has become my breath of fresh air. See, good things do come to those who wait. Although I am cautiously optimistic, its a nice feeling to be well liked by someone else and actually have them voice that.

I haven't asked for much in my life. But in December I made a pact with myself to change all the things that I hated about my life. In December 2004 I asked for a new job. I put out my feelers and as of March 8th I was in a new position. In January I knew that I wanted to break up with Ted and by April it was over. I asked to be brought good friends and after Ted and I broke up, I've been surrounded by nothing but wonderful people. I asked for the strength to be alone and the strength to move forward despite the hurt I've endured. I am not saying this guy is it for me, what I'm saying is I've been given a chance. He's nice, he's funny, he has a real job and plans for himself. He's close with his family and he seems to be generally liked by all. I've always been "on a whim" type person going for the physical and not thinking much about the entire package as a whole. This time I'd doing that and I'm happy. Happy that I've been given another chance at something real. Its at my own pace that things will proceed and I can't ask for much more than that.

Saturday was quite the day though. Trixie and I headed into the city for a 7 hour tour. We hit the Lower East side with vengeance - Washington Square Park, 4th Ave. Fair, Soho, Tribecca, World Trade Center, St. Paul's Church, Canal Street and Little Italy. We shopped, we walked, we talked, we gawked and I had a chance to do a little photography. We ended it with dinner in Little Italy and a few glasses of wine. All in all it was a great time.

I have a question though, we saw a lot of men wearing collared shirts with the collars up - is this the new style? Men trying to look like GQ models? What is this?

But I love the city nonetheless and I love spending time there. I could easily pick up and move there and be happier than a fat kid with chocolate cake. I love the anonymity of it, I love the culture, the architecture, the fashion, the restaurants, the stores and the history. My family was born and raised there, as well as me, yes I was born in Hell's Kitchen and whenever I'm near my old home I can't help but feel a special nostalgia for it.

That evening we decided to head into Hoboken for a little ass shaking, booty swaggering. We met up with Kelly, her sister, Dan and Rich. It was a fabu time leaving Trixe, Kelly and I sweaty and aching for the remainder of the evening. I'd also like to say thank you to the itty bitty's we met outside Hoboken Pizza. Oh little little ones, thank you for making me laugh uncontrollably, especially Perry. Damn if you were only a few years older I'd jump on your head. For now, we'll have to keep it to the pocket.

But apparently my love does not stop there. A few drunk voicemails to B and Matt went out. I apologize now for any and everything I said because I really don't know what I said. I can usually recall the events of the night, but once I start dialing I ramble on and on never remembering what I said. I profess my love (apparently as I've just been told) to everyone, because that's what happens when I drink, I love all my friends. It Happens. Thank God I'm not an angry drunk.

Yet another fandamntastic weekend to add to the list since my depart from that ruthless thing called an ex-boyfriend. My life is on the uptake despite the small set backs I may have had to endure lately. Go Mer!


Matt said...

And don't I love you right back?!?

NCTRNL said...

Believe me, you sound like the good type of drunk. Not the one that goes and starts shit. Thank the lord. I'm very happy for you. I can only imagine how happy you are right now...