Friday, July 29, 2005


People are just fucking delusional sometimes -they truly believe what they want to believe.

Agnes called back alright. Her problem with me AND Trixie is that she feels we show up to the company softball games to basically "shake our booties" and hit on men. Uh no. I've been friends with these people for AGES, we all drink, we all dance, we all party. But apparently the fact that I'm single now seems to throw a monkey wrench in everything - threatening her and her ego. Get over it. To make a long story short, Peter has been blatantly lying to her telling her that I've been hitting on him and all the others - mainly him though. Ok, whatever. Little does she know that I've been there, done that - got the fucking ratty ass t-shirt. She can have him.

After about 5 minutes of her stupidity I had to set her straight and I told her about him hitting on me over a month ago. She had it coming to her - she couldn't just leave well enough alone. Fuck her. I told her that I didn't want to tell her because no good could come of it. I have NOTHING to gain by telling her this information. She used to be a very good friend of mine and if she can't trust me so be it because we all know that the truth comes out in the end. She said that once someone loses her trust - that's it. I told her that's a crock of shit because why then would she be back with him after all he's done to her. Whatever.

I'm upset because I hate it when I'm made to be the bad guy when I didn't do anything wrong. Forget ever hanging with any of those people anymore.

She said I had no class - she said that she can't associate with me because she's not like that. Uh Helloooooo - your boyfriend blows coke up his fucking nose like the wind changes direction. He smokes as much poot as he can get his hands on AND to top it off he drinks like a fish whenever he gets around alcohol. She CHEATED on her ex-boyfriend to be with him - was sleeping with Peter for an entire month before she left her boyfriend! Isn't that like calling the tea kettle black? Totally totally delusional. Whatever.

I'm not saying that Trixie and I don't shake our asses and have a good time. I'm single, I'm allowed to do that. And I'm not denying the fact that we were eating lollipops while watching the game - uh its a fucking lollipop - get over it. I don't touch the boys and I don't try to get them to touch me - any touching going down is between Trixie and I.

Agnes also has a problem with us calling any one of our friends to hang out because they might have a girlfriend - um, hate to say this, but we were all friends WELL before any of them had girlfriends - we've been to concerts together, we've all gone to clubs, had parties - you name it, we've done it. Yet now all of a sudden its a problem?

Its got to be my fanfunckingtasktic rack.

I used to like this girl. I used to think that she was cool and that we would be friends for a long time. Despite all the times she cried on my shoulder because of the bad things Peter did to her, I was there to listen to her blab on and on. Obviously it didn't mean anything. Obviously she is delusional beyond repair. Let her continue to be with him, I told her that whether it be a day a week or even a year from now, when he pulls this crap on her again with someone else, I'll be awaiting my apology.

I totally sold Peter out. We had a pact to not talk about certain stuff ever again. I sold him out because he sold me out. He lied to her and has her believing all this crap. Fuck him. Fuck her. I will add to this list: Johnny Longwood and his brother - and H. Hate to say it, but H can suck my left nut for lying too. I'm calling all of them out on this topic. Every. Single. One of them. She listed them all as agreeing with her yet they each are just as at fault. We'll see how this pans out and who comes out on top. Guarantee you it will be me. I know too much about each and every one of them for them to try this shit on me. I'm like the Chamber of Secrets. I don't EVER use any information I have to hurt anyone, but this time someone is questioning me and my morals. I'm under attack and I'll defend myself.

Don't fuck with the bull, you'll get the horns.


NCTRNL said...

You and Trixie sound like a handfull. I thought single people were supposed to shake their booties. That's our mating ritual. Either that or it's your rack. One of the two...

Anonymous said...

You should be carefull about getting seued for slander.

irritable chap said...

When you first told me about Purvy Pete hitting on you I told you it would turn out sh!t, I don't blame you for spilling the beans, he had it coming, shame about losing a friend though.