Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Watching the Tide Roll Away

Saturday.......July 22, 2005

Alone. All by my lonesome. So sweet. Calm. Serene.......Lovely. A faint hum of distant boats whizzing across the lake, the last warm rays from the fierocious sun tickle the outermost layer of my tanned skin.

Wub, wub, wub goes the last of the jet skiiers. This is good, this is relaxing, this is what the doctor has ordered.

Captain Morgan and I had a little chat earlier that has lasted the better part of this mellow late afternoon. He's a good guy, he's made me feel at home. Perhaps its not him, perhaps I'm finally content.

This day has been full of choice, no demand, no questions. I kayaked, sunbathed, jet skiied, sunbathed, floated on a lazy raft, sunbathed, I even found a way to multitask when I took a nap AND sunbathed. Yes, I'm that good. Can you believe I'm single?

Now as the sun sets off in the the mountains, I finally can say I feel the first ounce of peace I have felt in years. Years. It was so worth the wait. I'll sit here and soak up the last of the rays the mighty Ra has to offer and tuck away this pensive solitude that has brought me inner sanctity. I'll close my eyes and remember the birds chirping as the lanquid lake laps against this metal and wood dock.

I love my peace, I love the solitude, my mind can think. It wanders and it dares to daydream of the beautiful life that lies ahead.

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Matt said...

Beautiful... simply beautiful...