Friday, July 29, 2005


Enemies are something that I can say have been exempt from the better part of my life. I've had people dislike me for jealous reasons, I've had people hate me because of a misunderstanding, but that was all in high school. To find myself the brunt of yet another woman's fury is beyond me.

Agnes, remember Agnes? Well. Last night after a single elimination softball playoff game she started verbalizing her anger for me infront of friends and co-workers. Never in a million years would I have thought that she would ever stoop to something so low - but people never cease to amaze me. But as always, again as always, I took the high road and did not respond. I know many of you would have turned around and picked a fight, defending your good honor until death, but that's not me. I'm not in high school and I refuse to fight with someone in front of co-workers. Just not happening.

What I did do was leave her a voicemail here at work to calmly discuss her issues and call me.

"Hi Agnes, this is Meredith. I think you know why I'm calling you, its about last night. I know that you have been giving me the cold shoulder lately and I figured that eventually you would want to talk about it. But last night verbalizing your new found hatred for me infront of friends and coworkers just wasnt' cool - especially when I have no idea as to why. Really I don't. So give me a call at work or on my cell to discuss."

That's basically how it went.

I really don't have an idea as to why this all started or happened. Yes her current boyfriend hit on me, but I can't help what he does. Its not up to me to shortern his leash and make sure he doesn't invite other women home with him. But I don't think that is it. I really don't know.

This is so high school and if she never calls me back at least I know that I put my best foot forward and tried to reconcile. If I am at fault I will apologize, but I'm not a malicious person and I do live my life by right and wrong so I don't think that what I could have done could be all that awful to warrant such verbal assaults from her. And as you all know, I do believe firmly in karma so eventually things will work themselves out. But of course only time will tell right?

On a lighter note, things have been progressing nicely with that guy I've been talking to via the phone. Tonight we have a tentative date set up - beer and pizza while he packs the last of his belongings for his move tomorrow. I'll keep you informed of how this goes. I don't want to get into too much because I don't want to jinx this. Yes, I genuinely like this one and I'm actually willing to admit it. Trixie is so proud of me for this and she's impressed that he's gotten to this point. All seems to appear good in Mer's hood.

If I hear from Agnes today, I'll post again and give you guys the scoop. If not, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this wonderful weather we've been waiting oh so long for.


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NCTRNL said...

Beer and Pizza is a great date. I am all about the low-key dating. Of course...maybe that's why I'm single. Maybe girls don't like that. Well, it doesn't matter to me...