Thursday, July 14, 2005


I took down my last entry about Newport Rhode Island - because it was gay. Sheesh, the crap I'll write when under the influence of Nyquil, Claritin, and Robatussin. NONE OF WHICH ARE WORKING mind you. Stupid drugs.


MOSES said...

The spiritual worlds are not seen by most of us. But, everything that happens to us flows from the supernal worlds. Positive things and even things that seem negative to us originate from the convergence of forces in the supernal world. All of this understanding should invigorate our spiritual work.

Unfortunately we often awaken to spiritual work when we find ourselves in negative situations, hoping that a stronger connection to the Creator can assist us in relieving the situation. This is not a wrong thought, but it is important to realize that it is easier to change negativity before it actually manifests in this world, when it is still in potential in the supernal worlds. When everything seems fine we sometimes tell ourselves that we will pursue our spiritual development at some other time. Or, even if we are involving ourselves in spiritual work it is not with the intensity of someone in a negative situation. All this is unfortunate.

We should remind ourselves that we do not know or see what is occurring in the spiritual worlds. This should not scare us but rather push us to focus and develop our spiritual self and connections now. Maybe the work that we do or intensify now will deflect some form of negativity that we are not aware of. The irony is that we will probably never even know that through our actions we have removed this negativity from our lives, nevertheless the Light we reveal will certainly fill our lives.

Matt said...

Man... you draw some cooks!

Meredith said...

Dude, I got nothing. What can I say.

Anne Arkham said...

Mer: What you need is some of that cough syrup with the codeine in it. It will fix you up, or make you happy oblivious to the fact that you are sick.

Matt: Cooks=guys who work in restaraunts. Kooks=the guy above, and the Scientologist actor you interviewed not long ago. ;)