Friday, July 08, 2005

Resiliency and Sven

Today it is raining here in Jersey and I have to say that it fits my mood. I'm fighting this mood tooth and nail, serioulsy because its Friday and I really would like to end on a good note.

If you were not at the 101 last night with us karaoking like it was Star Search, I'll tell you what you missed. Ah nothing. We still sang, we still drank and we definitely got our groove on, but the party mojo was lacking. Sad but true.

Instead of posting about last night and why I'm not in the best of moods, I want to tell you why I'm sitting here NOT telling you why I'm in a bad mood. Because I saw Sven. - I call him Sven because that's the name we just came up with two minutes ago.

Sven works in security here and when we both worked the same shift together we totally bugged out major. He used to let me park illegally and not tell anyone - it was a whole operation we had going on here. Sven is also very cute, very nice and he's got a sense of humor. Oh but wait - he's married. Rats.

About a little over a year ago he changed his shift to nights because (1) you get paid shift differential (2) you don't have to do diddly squat on the night shift. Can you blame him? Its a win win situation. The only downfall is that we never get to see each other anymore. Every time he worked the main office, I would see him and we would chat until we were borderline "about to get in trouble." Conversation never lacks and he makes me smile (always a plus). I'm so happy we saw each other this morning.

I was walking into work with a sour puss on my face. Not feeling pretty, not feeling well liked, I was in one of those moods - until I saw Sven. Boy he sure can put a smile on a girls face, let me tell you. Not sure if its his cute looks or boyish charm, maybe its even the fact that when he smiles, he means it - he's just hot. Let's put it this way, on my rating scale (see previous post) I would put him at Horizontal Mambo, I'm making you breakfast. Yeh he's that cute.

Its amazing how easily I can be brought back to reality and out of a deep funk. I'm resilient. I'll be honest though, I really was not a happy camper last night and neither was I this morning. There are a few reasons why, but they just aren't worth mentioning because its all in my head. I need to remember to take things at face value and not read into them so much. That's my problem.

But let's get back to Sven because he's a much better topic. We decided that since I need to be famous (because I kick ass like that), he's going to leave his wife and be my date on the red carpet, always. Let's just hope that there is some smoochie poochies going on at the after party...... Whoop! Oh Boy!

Hey Sven if you do get a chance to read this, make sure you leave a comment - its probably our only form of communication right now - you being married and all - aw shucks.

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