Monday, September 12, 2005

Friends and Tailgating

Trixe (in pink) and me (in tan). Where are we? A bar of course. Duh.

I have a few points that I want to touch upon today, but I thought that I would start by explaining that one night last week I actually doubted our friendship. The most silly thing I have done in a long time. Do these two people here in this picture look like they have relationship issues? Of course not. That's us - always us - smiling, happy, joking, having a good time - feeling and spreading the love. Good stuff. After I realized that I was being silly about a very minor incident with Trixie (in pink for those of you that are new) I then became aware of just how close we have become as friends and confidants. We don't exactly agree on everything, but when we disagree, we know enough not to get mad at one another and we take the other's advice as its given - with love and best intentions. Neither one of us has a hidden agenda (not easy because girls can be caddy) and we try (very hard) to keep the other in line when it comes to relationships. Good for us. We have each other's backs.


The weekend - not much to say. I kept it pretty low key - Friday - stayed in, not for lack of wanting to go out, just no one was around and I didn't feel like meeting up with a new acquaintance (guy I work with) all by myself. Trixie was at the Yankee vs. Boston game (for those that live in a closet, we took the series 2-1 YES!), Kelly had a date (hope it went well), Schmitty was probably half crocked when I called him, Samantha the Babysitter* was in Mexico, Carmine was working and Dan the second Babysitter* had a function. - I figured that after the insane time I had Thursday, it was better to just not call anyone else at that point. Leave well enough alone and give the liver a break. Good thing because on Saturday I drank for 12 - straight - hours. Dear Lord - I don't know why I continue to drink out of bottles, wouldn't it be easier to just hook up an I.V. at this point? Best part, this was a work related function and I was shitfaced, but NO ONE knew it. That's right, I'm a professional.

As for Sunday, the day I normally relax and take it easy, we headed to the Giants game to tailgate (Giants won 42-19 - SIT DOWN KURT WARNER!!!!) Ok, so we didn't have tickets - but there is always a possibility right? What we did have was my buddy B tailgating with his friends like it was the Superbowl of tailgating. I hope to have pictures soon of that shit fest because let me tell you - drunken debauchery was ever present. Festivities began with Bloody Mary's at 11:00 a.m. and my first shot gun** by 11:30 a.m. Nice. I would like to take the time to thank B for inviting me and his buddies who kept repeating throughout the day, "Mer you have to come next time - you are more than welcome ANYTIME to tailgate with us." Hopefully I'll have tickets next time and I'll be able to join them inside. Oh and I forgot, due to this weekend ALONE, I will be attending my first AA meeting. Yeh right, AA is for quitters and I'm not a quitter. GO hard or go home baby.

B, thank you for yet another good time. Thank you for being a kick ass friend. Thank you for providing the liquor and the beer pong table (classic). Thank you for getting loaded and hitting complete strangers over the head with your blow up "Let's get Hammered" hammer. And lastly, thank you for the drunk dial last night, priceless, truly fucking priceless.

*Babysitter - individuals who have been trained in the art of hanging with Mer when the parental units (Trixie, Kelly, Carmine or even Schmitty) are not available

**Shot Gun - Poke a whole at the bottom of beer can, crack the top and let 'er rip

Mer's stats: 1st Shot gun came in 3rd - 2nd shot gun- I BEAT THEM ALLLLLLLL!! SUCK IT!!!! - Go hard or go home baby. Go hard or go home.......

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The Other Guy said...

Very, very cute picture. But, I have a question. What the fuck is the guy behind you doing?