Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor-less Weekend

Where do I even begin. This weekend was pretty excellent - not just because I partied my cooley off, but also because there was no drama, there was nothing but good times. This, my friends was the presidence that the remainder of the holidays for this year will mimic. I'll explain later on when I come to the Monday portion of this post.

Friday Night
Ever get drunk so fast that you don't know how you got so drunk? Whoop! Oh Boy! Yes, Friday night Trixie and I met up with Kenny and Schmitty at a little bar on the water. Conversation was good, we all caught up, we laughed and we drank.....like fishes. By time it was time to leave for the second bar (karaoke) where Trixie and I were all hyped up to sing our hearts and heiny's off - Mer was blasted. Good times. Let's put it this way, at one point I had my body hanging out the passenger door of Trixie's car, screaming like a banchee. Yes, Good times indeed. I was so drunk that Saturday morning, I was actually DREAMING about my headache and hang over. It was awful - and well worth it. Yes, we had a good time and I got to see Kenny and Schmitty. I sang on stage (YES!) and performed with my gurl, I think I even got felt up, but again I was tipsy (read: LOADED). Schmitty, understandably, is on a female bender since he broke up with his fiance, so much so that he went as far as to hit on my good friend Trixie. He was denied of course, but don't feel sorry for Schmitty because he got pootytang from a girl at another bar later in the night. That's a funny story, but it doesn't involve me and I'm self absorbed when it comes to the site so you'll just have to deal.

(Just heard from my friend in Boston - I left him the mother of all drunk voicemails on his work line - in his words "was the epitome of drunk dialing and should be in the drunk dialing hall of fame" - so glad that I didn't disappoint).

Yes as mentioned before I woke up with a hangover to kill. I don't know why they call it a hang over when it should be referred to as brain pounding. I didn't know if I wanted to puke, eat or shit. It was god awful. This brain pounding left me with liquor brain for the remainder of the day. And when I say that I had liquor brain, I mean I couldn't make a coherent sentence. I walked around with my mouth open like I was missing a chromosome. Nothing came out of my mouth right, but it was all for a good cause, so I'm not complaining.

That evening though, I dragged Trixie with special guest stars, Kelly, Dan and his friend Matt to see Urban Trip. Good lord I love these guys. Seriously, I know many of you are not from around here (Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, England, Australia etc.), but if you come and hang with me ever, I will make sure that I bring you to see them, but be prepared to party like a rock star because its go hard or go home when you hang with Mer. You can sample their music on their website, but as of right now, I don't think they have a cd. However, yours truly (as is usual and mandatory) did not disappoint when I got on stage to sing with the lead singer "Livin' on a Prayer." I'm pretty sure that I did a good job because women in the bathroom were complimenting me and the lead singer said I was "welcome on stage anytime." Yeh, I could LIVE on stage. If it were up to me, I'd be perpetually fixed to a stage at all times. I have no idea what it is, but I love performing. How about this? I'll take my father's Ford F150, build a stage on the back and have him drive me around so I can sing to the masses? I had a such a good time, that I was in fact the corny lame ass chick that stayed after their last set, just so I could tell the band thank you for a good time. - (too much to say here so we'll leave it alone). We're definitely going to see them again on October 1st in Morristown - and maybe even before that on September 23rd in Atlantic City but that all depends on if I'm out of my liquor coma after Miami. Side Note: guys from the band, if you EVER need a back up singer - I'm so in like Flynn.

BBQ at sissy's was good and I was able to relax and chill with the family. But two of my friends went MIA for the party. At first I was upset, because I'm not sure whatever happened to Kelly and Joey Bitch, but Trixie made an unexpected appearence so that made me happy. I'm sure I'll hear from them at some point in time.

The remainder of the weekend involves Kenny and this is what I meant by explaining about holidays. I spent the entire day with him, and without going into detail because I've decided to keep most of our dating on the QT from this site, I will say it was the first time in, I can't even tell you how long, that I spent a day with a man and it was - normal. Every holiday, birthday or event in the last decade has had some drama in it. Whether it be bickering with my ex-husband or stressed over Ted's drinking - (Ted wasn't ALWAYS a problem, but because I'm not a fortune teller, I could never predict when the night was going to go down the toilet so I was constantly stressed). Yesterday I breathed and it was wonderful. It was light, it was fun and I was happy.

This weekend showed me so much. Everything I wanted to do was in fact accomplished and it was done with lots of fun and humor. It exemplified everything that I had been missing and as Kenny said yesterday it showed me that I have made the right choices. It was different than anything I've experienced in a long time. I spent the weekend having fun with friends and family........... the way Labor Day weekend should be spent.

Oh yeh - I also received my liver transplant. It went rather well, thanks for asking. Stiches are healing just fine, I'll need a nice male nurse to aid in the healing, sponge baths, etc. Any takers? (I'm funny).

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