Friday, September 02, 2005

I Wasn't Joking - Their Fabulous

Ya all thought I was kidding, that I was just blowing smoke up yer ass - well here you go. These are my breasts, the "ladies", the mounds of joy, boobies, knockers, tits, cans, hooters. Mine.

This picture was taken by Trixie with my cell phone after a softball game. Were we drinking? Heavens no cough cough (read: hell yeh!). We all know that Trixie likes to fondle the mounds of joy, so who better to take the picture! This was about two months ago - Good times. Good times indeed.

Tonight I'm hitting the karaoke circuit (like there is one). I love how completely corny it is to go karaoking. I do. What is better than going out with friends, drinking abundant amounts of liquor, getting up on stage and making a fool of yourself? I ask you to defy that with something better. I mean, the place we are going to tonight used to be strip club for crying out loud!!! There is a STAGE in the middle of the actual bar itself!!! Dude, that's got MER written all over it! AND! AND! Kenny will be there tonight so I get to smooch someone when its all over. What is better than that? Most times I go home with Trixie and sleep over - and yes we share a bed - tisk tisk, get your minds out of the gutter now. Trixie is a hot piece of ass, but come on, its gonna be nice to have someone to smooch when I'm nice and drunk later. Most Excellent.

Tomorrow after I recover (somewhat), we're headed to see a cover band that I saw last time I hung out with Schmitty. OOOOOO I forgot, I'm seeing Schmitty tonight too so you KNOW I will be on the list for a liver transplant as of 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. So Rock Star. Anyway, I mentioned this cover band before, they are called Urban Trip and they are actually pretty good. I encourage you to go to their website and listen to their cover of Jet, Be My Girl just to give you an idea. Totally looking forward to it. I'll be in the company of Trixie with a guest appearance by the one and only fabulous Kelly. So looking forward to hanging with my guuurrrls. If anyone is in the Northern New Jersey area Saturday night, please feel free to join us.

Sunday, going to Sissy's house for a little BBQ with friends and family. Haven't seen much of the family this summer so I'm looking forward to it. Plus I get to see my nephew.

Plus it will give me a little chance to recover. Sunday night of course you HAVE to go out because, well because normally you would be in for the night getting ready for work - but NOPE, its LABOR DAY - its only fair that you go out and chill like a rock star (read: become comatose by means of drugs and alcohol).

Monday I will be receiving my new liver. I'll let all you cats know on Tuesday how the procedure went.

Have a great holiday this weekend (for those in the US of A) - everyone else, have a great normal weekend. But to EVERYONE - please make sure you toast to Mer at least once this weekend - send me some good vibes. I've got no money for the next two weeks and I'll probably be living out of box on the swampy streets of Paterson by next Friday, but hey, at least I can say it was a good ride right? Rock on.


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anne arkham said...

I have no idea what you wrote. I'm still thinking about the hooters.

The Letter D said...

Incredible! Oh yeah, the picture is very nice too.