Friday, October 14, 2005

F*cking Hangovers Suck

Ass. No other way to describe how I feel right now. I feel like ass. Not sure, but I think it has to do with the fact that I got in a HUGE fight with Mr. Stoli. I don't get it?????? One minute we are chilling, laughing it up like good ol' buddies and then next thing you know, I'm puking my guts out in the office bathroom? WTF? I thought we were friends, compadres, amigos, B.F.F., but NOOOOOOOOOO, he had to turn on me and my stomach leaving me heaving over the porcelain god three, no wait, make that four times this morning.

Not sure why I went out last night, actually I do know why, because I'm one of those people when they say they'll do something, they follow through. If I tell you I'll do something with you, I do, I never bail, I'll never be the reason as to why plans ever fail. Originally Trixie and I were supposed to go to a friends bar, but due to the crap ass weather here we thought that traveling that far would not be a good idea so we kept it local and hit the 101 where Mer drank for free. GOOD GOD I LOVE YOU BORTIE!!! BEST BARTENDER EVER!!!! YOU GET BARTENDER OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!!! SMOOCHIE POOCHIES YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING YOU!!!!! I did not pay for one damn drink and when I tried he said, "You don't have to pay, but they (pointing) do." - Sweet. Don't worry folks, I hooked him up with a phat tip. What a sweetheart right? - Him, not me - but I'll take the compliment if anyone is passing them out.

Anywho, last night was a normal, regular, standard Thursday night at the 101....except for two things. First, H hangs out with us, moreso Trixie and Samantha than myself, and in a fucked up way I understand, I think its because, and this might sound weird, but it all ended weird between him and I so the strain on the friendship is understandable. No animosity whatsoever, but I get the distinct feeling he's a little weird with it. Not sure, but no worries here though, he was a drop in the bucket, but anyway, as a reminder H is 6'5", Trixie is like 2'2" - just kidding, she's I think 5'2" or 5'3" and for whatever reason when we go out drinking, Trixie likes to be picked up by him (I know). Well last night he went to pick her up and they both (imagine this in slow motion because that's how it happened) fell. His knees buckled while she was eye to eye with him and he just started to melt down toward the floor with her landing on top. Everyone standing around was not surprised in the least, it was like we were all expecting it to happen at some point in time. We looked at them, laughed and then returned to conversation like something out of a movie. It was bound to happen - I mean, its a bar. Being tossed around in a bar, well that just spells disaster. They are both my friends and I love that girl like a red headed stepchild, but GOD DAMN THAT WAS FUNNY!!!

Second thing of note and you need a little background info. I used to go to school at night and I shared a class with this semi-cute guy. Well during the day I worked with his mother, thus giving us our relation- and to this day when I see her, she'll tell me what he's up to and what not. But since that was like 8 years ago, he doesn't exactly remember me. Now he works here for the same company and every time she sees me, she'll point me out to him and he doesn't make the connection. Well. Last night he was at the bar, talking to H and then H introduced him to us and him and I got to talking and then it all came together for him. He's a great guy and we have SO much in common (mostly sports, i.e. Nascar, hockey, the Giants and the Yankees) and conversation was good and never strained. He was nice to not only me but to Trixie and Samantha as well. But about an hour into hanging out with him, he says to me from across the table with other people talking:

HIM: "I wish my mother had told me before."
ME: "Told you what?"
HIM: "I wish she had told me so we could have dated"
ME: - weird face because that came from left field. "ha ha ha, you're so funny." - trying to blow it off because like, he has a girlfriend he just bought a house with. Yikes.

Twenty minutes later we're talking about hockey (I'm watching replays of the pitiful massacre of the Devils losing to the fucking Rangers) and he says,

HIM: "Will you go out with me?"
ME: "Huh?" - totally befuddled.
HIM: "Yah, like if I got tickets to a hockey game, would you go with me?"
ME: "I would, but I'd pay my own ticket to keep it innocent, but I would love to go to a game." - see what I do here? He has a girlfriend, they live together and I'm not in the business of breaking up a happy home so I'm trying to keep it light.
HIM: "Oh yah, we'll be really good friends" - (Yah, I'm sure that's what you want).

To make a long story short - I was a little tipsy and gave him my number. Not a problem, I told him to bring his girl if he comes to the 101 on Sunday for football, (I kept adding that in there for good measure).

He's already called me..........Three times..........Not good.

Although he is cute and all, he still has a girl that he lives with and I'm not sure where I stand on this. I'm not anyone's booty call, but if he legitimally wants to chill and do the sports thing, I'm down. I don't want to get into that whole scene. I could use some advice on this one and how to handle it in case he does call me again.

Well that's my account of the evening, nothing spectacular - just a fall and some dude hitting on me. Thank god for Coca Cola because it is the one and only reason why I am able to sit here and not puke and shit myself at the same time.

Headed to see my band Urban Trip tomorrow night - and I promise that will most likely be another shit fest. Sweet.


NCTRNL said...

Wait a minute...I thought you WANTED a booty call...

Marc said...

He's totally trying to see if your labia is made of a magical combination of swedish fish and string cheese and he's not going to tell his girlfriend about it. The bastard.

annearkham said...

He's no good.