Monday, October 10, 2005

To Text or Not to Text

For those who are in my circle of friends, you already know that we text message a lot. Like, a WHOLE lot.

At work we email all day long. "We" being any one of my friends - we email, constantly. Its all good because if you are the phone, then you have to get it all out and take time away from what you are doing. But if I get an email and I'm typing a letter, I can wait until the letter is done and then I respond. OR, if its something long and tedious, then I welcome the break - either way, email is a win win situation for me.

But text messaging? We do it in ridiculous amounts - and its not just ME! People as I get to know them, seem to like to text message as well. Not a problem because I'm accommodating.

I find text messaging fun and yet tiresome all at the same time. Sometimes I want to tell the person something and not have to type it all out, yet I don't want to get stuck on the phone. These are the times that its a pain in the ass. That and if you are with someone who does not understand the art of text messaging, then you are automatically annoying said person. That's when things go to vibrate mode.

Not this past weekend, but the weekend prior, I was hanging out with a new guy. Not "new" in the sense that I just met him, new in the fact that there is a"tension" between us, yes, this could be a new love interest, but I'm not saying anything to jinx it. But this poor guy had to endure a good half hour of me text messaging. Here's the thing - we were watching sports so I felt like it was ok to be interrupted - not like we were doing the horizontal mambo or anything and this was breaking the rythym - nope. We were sitting there watching football - more like the Giants laying the smack down, but you get the idea.....anyway he'll just have to learn to deal.

I'm not exactly sure as to why we (friends) text so much. Its a way of staying in contact with another friend when you are with other people. Its complicating and annnoying, yet fun like getting mini-presents all throughout the day.

My favorite text messages though are that of the naughty nature - far and few between I do in fact naughty text with one person and things Good God they get fun and raunchy....just the way we like it. And don't ask me who it is, I won't tell because that's part of the fun. Its my secret for me to blush and giggle at when it happens. And if you are in my presence when I get one of these text messages, I apologize now because they're fun and I like them more than I like you.....just kidding.

Of course texting does in fact get expensive. If you don't have a plan, then you'll learn that real fast. I went over my plan and had to pay out an extra $46 buckaroos last month. Whoops.

But its all good in my hood. You know why? Because I'm the boss of me and I kick ass like that. So there.

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