Friday, October 28, 2005

FINALLY!!!! Something Good to Report

I DID IT! I finally did it. I did something I've been wanting to do for a long time and its a good thing. A potentially BIG thing.

I answered an ad for a talent agency. GO ME!!

I joined an agency that gets work for extras and models. This agency also works with casting directors for movies and television shows. I'll have my own webpage for casting directors to view, but extra work is always available.

It works like a membership. I have to pay for the service, but the fee is so minimal. This fee will set me up with a webpage and complete syopsis of work and photos. It will also alert me to any casting call information, for work in this area, which apparently there is a lot (I'm 20 minutes from NYC) and it pays pretty well. Extras can make $100 - 300 per day and a lot of the work is on the weekends.

This is a big step for me because I got off my ass and did something. I may never be rich and famous but at least I can say I tried. Then again, you never know. I want to continue with my acting studies, but right now money is an issue and that shit gets expensive. If I didn't do so well in my acting class last year and if I wasn't told by so many people to pursue it, then I wouldn't have the balls to do it. But fuck that - you only live once right?

Last night at the bar (where else would I be on a Thursday night?), some co-workers came out to play. Decent people, most of them older than I, each told me more than once that I really do need to be famous. This is not the first time I've heard this.

I don't mean to sound star struck, but this is probably the only thing in my entire life I've been consistent with wanting to do. I have the book smarts to a lot and achieve a lot, but as I've stated before, nothing captivates me......except movies. Not so much television and Broadway, although I wouldn't push either away if offered, I'm enamored with movies and everything having to do with them. And its not a matter of being famous and known around the world, its just something I simply would love to do.

This is good. This is very good and I hope it pans out for me. I hope I achieve this goal and live out my dream. Go Mer. Uh huh, Go Mer, Uh huh. I'm doing the happy of course can't see, but basically I look like an idiot. A cute idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. I blame it on the portion of my brain that died last night after my 7th drink. Whoop! Oh Boy!