Friday, October 21, 2005

I Need Sleep

MARK THE DATE - Mer left a bar last night BEFORE it closed!! Alert the press because this is ground breaking news. But Good God I'm just too damn tired to even write this morning. I mean it, even though I got about 4 hours sleep (that's a lot for a Thursday night) - I'm still ready to pass out. And even though I'm rocking a slight hang over, I have to go and be Miss Mary Fucking Sunshine now at an executive meeting. Not good. Not good at all because I have to pay attention and not fuck up.

No real highlights from last night either. Although I'm starting to believe that I am actually a pretty decent singer. Seriously, I'm very critical of myself, but last night I realize there were lots of applause and many many compliments and that made me feel good. I'm starting to see a pattern with how people compliment me and applaud.....dare I believe? I used to think that people cheered because I have great boobs, but I'm starting to actually think otherwise. Nice.

Maybe that could be my hobby? Not karaoke dope head. I'm talking taking singing lessons. When I was about 14 I had asked my parents if they would look into horseback riding lessons or singing lessons and even though we didn't have the money, they really gave me a listen and were on the verge of acting on it....but then they found the house they currently reside in and all hopes of any kind of lessons were diminished. Poor Mer.

But now I'm older and more in charge of my life. Perhaps singing lessons wouldn't be such a bad idea. AND I'm looking for a hobby.......ooooooo I'm seeing a connection.

A talent like that could mean many many things. It could help me getting a singing gig that pays me some phat moolah or it could help me in my non-existent career. Food for thought. I do have a nice voice, but its a little rough around the edges....partly due to drunken debauchery and recklessness.....a girl has to have fun right? I'll have to make some changes.

I need to check into this further. My brother-in-law was in the industry for a little while, I'll have to see if he still has any contacts. He used to know Jon Bon Jovi's vocal coach - now that would be hot.

Things that make you go hhhhmmmmm........

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anne arkham said...

I have always wanted to take singing lessons. I say go for it.