Thursday, October 20, 2005

The List

Work with someone who turns you on? See someone in the hall and you don't know his/her name, but still you would throw them against the wall and have hot dirty nasty wet sex with them either way? How about the girl behind the counter at the bank? She make you horney the way she looks at you when you make a deposit? Want to make a personal deposit in her?

We all have a list. You know what list I'm talking about.....a list of people of the opposite sex (except for Marc who likes women, men, goats, holes in walls, etc.) of people we'd like to have sex with, (or in my case my list is a list of people I'd like to fool around with....with the potential to sleep with). This is because I'm picky when it comes to who I bed (my magic number is WAY low, is yours?) But for the sake of this post, we'll talk in terms of fooling around, unless otherwise stated.

Now when I was with my ex-husband I had a list and I never ever thought that I would have the opportunity to act on this list. But then we separated and good god I took action. Funny thing though, Ted was at the top of my list and instead of working up to the top, I went straight for it, thus leading me to an 18 month relationship that didn't end well.

However, the reason why I bring up the list is because this time when I ended my relationship with Ted, I acted on this list. All the people I kissed and/or made out with ruthlessly I had wondered what it would be like to kiss and/or sleep with them. Let's review shall we?

Marcus - co-worker in another department. I was formally introduced to him at the company Christmas party by our mutual friend Remy - and from that second, the sexual vibes were apparent. Fast forward to break up with Ted, he's the first major make out session and possibly the hottest for a few months - actually I'd say to date. (AND he is trying to get back in my good graces right now.......sucker!).

Remy - I have NOT spoken about Remy on this site. But the cost is clear and a few months have passed so I can mention him now. Yes Remy and Marcus are good friends, but one doesn't know about the other and we'll leave it at that. Remy and I have been friends for about 4+ years now and it was inevitable. It was one night out drinking and it was a good time. WHOOPS OH BOY!

H - I never really wanted anything with H and I wasn't looking for it. But there were times that when we were friends I'd think about what it would be like to kiss him. He made the move, I took it and I crossed him off the list.

B - my good friend and confident, yet there was a time when we first became friends that I thought I'd like to smooch him. Now that I did, I can move on.

Kenny - yes he was on my list when I first met him, fast forward a year and a half and it was a disappointment. Oh well.

Carmine - We always had tension, but once the kiss happened it was over before it began. Whew.

There were more people on the list, but those are the ones that I was able to cross off. I still have a list and men are added and deleted each day depending on mood and their actions. A few of these men I work with, others are from the outside. Let's see:

Sven the Security Guard - I've spoken about him before and he's hot.

John - works on the third floor of my building and we spend a lot of time on the elevator together. We keep talking about hanging out, but it hasn't materialized. I'm not pushing it either, if it happens, it happens. Although his co-worker called me and asked me out, I shot him down pretty fast. There might be a conflict of interest on John's part now. Oh well.

Bus Guy - I have NO idea what his name is, but I see him on the bus just about every day and I swear I'm going to climb over the seats and attack him like a Leopard. Sweet.

Gino - I think that's his name. He came to the 101 one night and his annoying cousin kept hitting on Trixie. Gino is hot. No two ways about it, the guy has pecks I'd bite, a smile I'd kiss and a body I'd abuse. Sweet. Gino and I got to talking and by the end of the night he was inviting me places (Whoops OH BOY!!). Too bad he's an itty bitty otherwise I might be all over it. I didn't see him there the last time, but hey you never know.

Jim - sweetest itty bitty you could ever meet with a face like cupid, (body is F.I.N.E. FINE too). He's even younger than Gino, but make me 22 again and I won't blink an eye when I throw him into the bathroom, lock the door and come out 6 hours later.

Secret Emailing Partner - If he didn't live so far away, I'd jump on his head so fast - I'd take a running leap for better leverage. No joke. No doubt about it and that's all I'm gonna say 'bout dat.

I know I'm forgetting people, but you basically get the idea. I don't get into famous celebrities because its too easy to idolize them and plus the list would be HUGE.

So who is on your list? Come on....don't be shy.


NCTRNL said...

Oh I have a list. There are too many people at work to list. Some of them would be fun because they look like mean people and I would try to teach them a lesson. There was a girl working at Barnes and Noble the other day that I would have loved to throw over my shoulder and take her away...oh man.

As for the email partner. Those are always fun to think about...

anne arkham said...

The kid who works at Panera. He's got an ornery gleam in his eye.

And the secret e-mail partner? He's married, with a tiny baby, and I could never do that. The emails are all strictly platonic, etc. But dayum. If he should ever find himself NOT married, I'm taking a running leap, too.