Monday, October 31, 2005


Happy Halloween ya all. Since my good friend "B" gave me my alter ego name of, "The Cat," it only seemed fitting that I dress as one for Halloween.


This weekend was not all that exciting by any means. Well, Saturday was fun. Trixie and I hit up a bar in Secaucus, yes the very one that we got lost looking for a few weeks ago.

This time the DJ was not the lesbian, however, this DJ was a male and he was um....a little more vulger in his approach and delivery. Trixie and I were both dressed as cats and we mosey on up to the bar and have a seat. The DJ looks at me and says, "Oh I just LOOOOVVVEEEE Me some Pussy. Look at you! I'm in love. You got your cute little pussy costume on and your tits hanging out.......I know where I'm looking all night long."

On and on went the pussy comments. All. Night. Long. "I hate cats, but I love me some pussy." "Don't worry ladies, I get more pussy in one night than the likes of just you two."

He was funny, but after spending the day walking around Great Adventure with about 20,000 Ghetto life assholes, I had enough. Seriously, when did Great Adventure become South Side Jamaica Queens? There was so much bling in effect that I thought I walked into the showroom for DeBeers. Good god it was ridiculous. And what really made it even MORE fun was the fact that I threw back a few on my lunch break. (nice). By time we got back on line for any rides I had a nice buzz going. I sat there with my mouth open like I was missing a chromosome watching all of these people. Pure entertainment.

Yesterday I was basically in and out of a coma like state. Don't get me wrong, it was a fabu day - my NY Giants won over one of our biggest rivals, the Washington Assholes 36-0. I was a little worried in the first half because apparently in the last 4-5 games where Tiki has had a really good running game we've lost (100+ yards). But that little mother fucker ran for 206 yards breaking an all time personal best. Go Tiki. They also secured first place when the Eagles did the big ol' choke against Denver - SUCK IT MCNABB. Just kidding, they have so many issues off the field, they'll be lucky if they make the playoffs.

And then the Patriots won. I however missed this game because I was passed out in my bed quite early, but I'm happy they won and I'm happy Bruschi is back. I can't ellaborate on that any more because I missed it all. But I won't be missing Monday nights game against the Colts. Manning has never won at Gilette Stadium, but his defense is on fire. Oooooo, should be a good game. Nice.

That's about it for me. Again, nothing exciting. Tonight is tacos at mom's - our Halloween tradition. When I was little I used to go trick-or-treating with my older sister and cousins. Afterward, and this continued even after I went out with my sister - we'd go back to mom's house and eat tacos. To this day she still makes tacos. Now that everyone is older and they have kids, everyone still reconvenes at her house for dinner. This year my sister is dressing up my nephew. I can't wait to take a picture. Nice.

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