Thursday, October 27, 2005

Perfect Example of Why I'm an Angry Individual

Things are never easy in the life of Mer. Nothing in my life EVER goes according to plan. Never. A, never leads to B, and eventually C. Its more like A, D, B, Y, hang a left and finally C. Swear.

For three weeks I've had a hair appointment. Wait let me back up. My car needs two front tires and a wheel alignment - this will cost approximately $600. Now if you'll remember I've already dropped $1300 into Lola, not cool. So when I called about my front tires and alignment, my BFF at the dealership said that there was a way for me to get Nissan to pay for it. Apparently there was an extended warranty on these tires and I was never notified. All I had to do was get this letter and all was good with the world. Well. After talking to two numbskulls at Nissan and waiting for over a week for this letter to be faxed to me....because you know....faxing is hard and it takes a long looks like I'm getting this done for free. NICE. - keep your fingers crossed.

Ok, so I make my hair appointment with Samantha and she books out pretty far in advance so I have to wait like 3 weeks. Well wouldn't you know it, its the SAME day as the day the dealership can take my car. No biggy. I make a few phone calls and between friends I have this all set.

Trixie is going with me tonight to drop off my car and we are going out tonight. Since she doesn't go into work until 9 and I'm at work at 7, Ted was going to pick me up and bring me to work. He was also going to pick me up and drop me off at the salon. All was good with the world and everything was set. If I needed a ride from the salon to the dealership, Ted was also available.

BUT NOOOOOoooooooooo, nothing could stay set. Now Ted's hours were changed for tomorrow and I'm screwed. Normally this would not be a big deal. My mother is actually having a procedure today (pray for her) and she won't be able to drive tomorrow, so I could always borrow her truck, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, my father needs her truck because his is going in the shop as well. Shit.

I would LOVE to call out of work tomorrow, but I'm taking off next Friday (hopefully) because I'm headed to Boston to kill myself by way of alcohol poisioning. SO, now I'm going to have to enlist my sister's help to pick me up from work, bring me to the salon and have my father pick me up from the salon and bring me to the dealership to get my car. This is all IF my sister and father can do this. Fuck.

Yuk. This is a PERFECT example of why my life NEVER goes according to plan. I start at point A, then I go through a whole shit load of bullshit and then EVENTUALLY I make it to point C.

NOTHING EVER goes according to plan. I think I need a Snickers, because apparently, they satisfy you.

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