Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fuming mad

I am fuming. But in order for me to totally go off, I need to give you a little back ground information that I probably should have told you about before.

Ted and I work at the same establishment - that's how we met. I am generally a quiet well liked person here. I have many acquiantances and I know a lot of people - same for Ted. Of course our paths cross here at work - not a problem right? Wrong. I'm private. I'm extrememly private about my home life because it is NO. One's. Business. I've always asked Ted not to talk about us, yet he can't do that simple fucking task.

My apartment that I lost was amazing. It was in a two family house (I was upstairs and the land lady was downstairs). I had two bedrooms, dining room, living room, huge kitchen, bathroom, sun porch and finished attic all for $800 a month. When I moved in, it was agreed with the land lady that I didn't have to pay security or sign a lease, as long as I was quiet, then all was good with the world. I told Ted that I would move in and then 3-4 months later if we were still going strong, we could talk about him moving in. NOPE DIDN"T HAPPEN LIKE THAT! He packed an overnight bag and never left.

I blame myself for not being strong and telling him to go home sometimes. I should have told him that things were moving too fast and to slow down, because that's how I felt. But we were happy so I let it slide. I did once try to tell him that it was moving too fast but it only lasted a week and he never spent a day outside of my apartment.

Basically I spent the last year or so asking him, no pleading and begging for him to be quiet when we were home. When he gets drunk or has friends over, he can't control himself or his noise level. I've never met someone with so little self control in my whole life. Its so sad. I wasted my breath and my time and all my warnings for nothing because I still lost my apartment. He is 85% to blame for this whole debauchery. If he had only moved out when I repeatedly asked him to, I wouldn’t have this problem.

Now – NOT ONLY did we break up about 6 weeks ago, but I was evicted from my home two weeks ago because he can’t shut the f*ck up. Because he can’t live on his own and he has to take me down with him. Too many times to count – am I bitter – oh hell yes. I care more about the loss of the apartment then I do about losing him. Its been a double whammy to say the least.

I just received an email from a girl that I dropped like a bag of shit. I stopped talking to her because she is a self-absorbed, lying little waste of nothing. Before I would have told her everything that was going on in my life, but now, I won't bother wasting my time becuase she'll just turn the tables and complain about her life. She's a "One Upper" or otherwise referred to as a "Me Too."

Ted divulged our current situation to her about 10 minutes ago, thus the email from her. Not only did he say that he was moving out, but he told her we were evicted. I hate that. I was going to call him up and fucking rip his head off, but two weeks. I just have to get through two weeks. I hate people knowing my business and I hate their self righteous pity. Leave me the fuck alone.

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