Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Slight Bought of Vindication

I've beaten him at his own game tonight. I gave hima taste of his own medicine, the same he gave me for the past two years. Although it was incredibly immature of me, and yes I am slightly buzzed from the whole incident, I feel slightly vindicated.

A very brief synapsis of what happened or has happened. Despite any efforts I have ever made towards "Ted," I have always tried to take the high road. I have always allowed his childish behavior to dictate whether I had a good day or bad day. Because I was in love and I was fucking stupid.

Today - who gives a shit?

Yesterday he announces pretty early in the day that he wants to go out for Indian food. He has made an ordeal of the order of events for the day, or errands if you will, always ending with eating Indian Cuisine. Fine by me. Yes somehow I am coerced into paying for the meal, but I make allowances for it because I am sad and going through a tough time. I want to treat myself to something I enjoy and I love Idian food.

I start off the dinner a little upset now that I know I am DEFINITELY paying for the meal. But I let it go for reasons already made known. But of course it doesn't end there. I'm not that lucky. Not only am I paying for the meal - again - five minutes into dinner a woman, her kid and old father sit down right next to us. NO ONE is in the restaurant, yet they choose the table next to us. This makes him edgy already. He feeds off this negativey and starts on me, he is making me feel bad for the fact that I am sad over losing my apartment. Basically I've supported him mentally and yes sometimes finacially for two years, but when I need him to return the favor I'm getting fucked in the ass. For those who know me, I'm always happy, I'm always looking to the good side of things. This past week hasn't been easy and I haven't been myself. Instead of helping me, he is hindering me.

So I do what any self respecting female should do....I grab the bottle of wine and finish it off. Not such a big deal right? Do you know how upset an alcoholic gets when you finish off their fix? He played it off rather well like he didn't care and I give him kudos for that - but he fucked up when he decided NOT TO EAT HIS FOOD. That's right, the very meal I'm paying for he decides he's lost his appetite. A five year old you ask? Yes, he is.

All in all, yes I drove home buzzed. Was it worth is. Oh HELL YES. He is still mad at me even as I sit here and write. Even as I'm cracking some of the funniest shit I've ever said in my life, he is still going to be a brat. I feel good right now. It can be a small stance of decalring myself, maybe, or I can be drunk. Who knows. It doesn't matter, in two weeks, I'm a free woman.

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