Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Go Sit on the Toilet"

When I was little and I had some kind of ailment - stomach ache from sugar, I had to fart, or I just generally did not feel well, my mother would say, "Go sit on the toilet." Of course I would roll my eyes, rub my belly and go complain to my cat, Pursy, but it never failed, sitting on the toilet always seemed to help. Not sure why, since nothing usually came out, but hey, I'm not one to mock such a wise woman as my mother.

Why can't breaking up with a boyfriend be solved by something as easy as sitting on the toilet? Why can't I just purge myself of all my unhappiness by spewing it out my ass?

Because we all have to go through this shit to make us stronger right? Wrong, we need to be more focused and understand the situation for face value - not for what was or could have been. I'm 28 and I just learned this. I'm an asshole - but its better to figure it out later than never at all.

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