Tuesday, May 10, 2005

URGH! *&^@#$!!!!!

"Ted" got an apartment. It’s a studio about two miles away – he can catch the bus here. I’m so upset because I’m f*cking jealous as hell. I’m such a brat and I can’t take it anymore and it doesn’t matter how many times people tell me that "this is all for the best" I’m losing a home that meant the world to me. I could swallow all my pride and go talk to Mrs. B and see if I could stay, but I’m seriously afraid of what she might say. I thought I was feeling better, but I’m not. I’m so upset. But this is the kicker – he said to me this morning – "Too bad I didn’t do this a month ago, this wouldn’t be an issue." NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Asshole. I lost my home because you are a selfish, bull in a china closet dumbass.

Sorry, I had to let that out. Better now.

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