Wednesday, June 29, 2005

100 Factoids

If I’m not truthful enough, here are some factoids about me, my life, friends and family. I can talk forever about myself, but I’ve limited this to 100. Of course this isn't EVERYTHING about me because a girl needs to be a little mysterious right?

I’m a recovering Choco-holic.
I prefer Dark chocolate
Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes were my favorite cartoon characters
I used to eat lasagna because Garfield did
I was a tomboy until I was 15
I was a lifeguard for 2 years
I’ve been working since I was 14
I am the perpetual college student
I have only one sister, who is older by 7 years
My parents have been married for 38 years
I’m 75% Italian, sorry about that – my Grandmother is the only one not 100% Italian (German, English and I think maybe even French)
Everyone in my family can cook
I have a cast iron stomach, almost nothing bothers me
When I drink, I’m stupid and mix beer, hard liquor and mixed drinks. Whatever I feel like, I drink
I have no “one” particular drink that I like. If its beer its Corona or Bass – shit I’m getting thirsty
I have dark brown hair and its half way down my back
I have dark brown eyes – one of my ex-boyfriends used to say they were brown because I was full of shit. Yeh I dumped his ass.
I’m good at all sports – best at volleyball, swimming and softball
Made Varsity softball and volleyball freshman year in high school
Quit both because I wanted to be a lifeguard
I love sports – baseball, hockey and football
I RULE at air hockey – I’m a defending champion
I’ll go to any sporting event
I look exactly like my mother
My sister looks like my father
My nephew looks like me. God bless him.
All my cars have been stick, automatic sports cars are for pussy’s.
I love the beach – my favorite place in the world is Montauk, Long Island and I hope to have my ashes scattered by the lighthouse when I die
I love to travel
I love to fly
I hate dishonest people
I hate when people bullshit me, I’m a big girl, don’t lie
Laughter is the way to my heart
I’m a romantic
I believe in happy endings
Love the show Magnum P.I.
I can no longer drink Tequila – everyone has a tequila story.
My first concert was Bon Jovi when I was 15
I run very slow – like a dead turtle
I’m a very loyal friend
My Dad has hit a homerun in Shea Stadium
He also tried out for the NY Yankees and was told by Casey Stengel to gain 20 lbs and come back next year
I once applied for a job with the NJ Devils
I’ve been to both the World Series and the Stanley Cup
My former boss was not asked to dance at her own wedding by the CEO of our company – but I was. Nice.
I once was a cheerleader
The fastest I’ve ever driven my car is 118 mph
I’ve been a passenger of a car doing 135 mph
I drove home from Boston in 2 ½ hours (this is a 4 hour journey)
My first kiss was in the third grade
My first tongue kiss was the summer before 8th grade – he was in 10th.
I love the sun and the heat
I hate the bitter cold
I love trees and everything about them
I don’t have a favorite color
My favorite number is 1
I love ice cream – Dairy Queen first, then Baskin Robbins
I love roller coasters yet I’m afraid of heights
My wedding cost $35,000, the marriage lasted 2 years
I hate being obligated to do anything, if I’m going to do something its because I want to, not because someone told me it was the right thing to do
My family fears my temper, which I think is funny because I didn’t think it was that bad.
I’ve only dated men older than me – with the exception of Ted – never again
I’ve been to Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Aruba, Michigan, St. Lucia, Florida (7 times), Newport, California (the whole coast), Bermuda (twice) and the Bahamas
I was born in New York City
I love spending money and I’ve very good at it
My biggest fear is uncontrollable debt
I still skip when I’m happy
I can twist my tongue in both directions
I go commando 90% of the time
I’ve actually told men not to fall in love with me
The thinnest I’ve ever been was 128 lbs, the heaviest 180.
I know how to box
My mother’s pet name for me is Baby Doll. My father calls me either, Nickey or Tiger
If my grandfather had lived he would have been 114 this past Sunday. He died at 86
My father’s cousin was the plumber for the Prince of Monaco and the royal palace
My sister is named after the model Marisa Berinson
My parents tried for two years to get pregnant – gave up and then had me. I’m the best most beautiful mistake they ever made
I would love to live in New York City or Paris
I’m a recovering Pothead
My grandfather on my mother’s side was a “made” man – watching The Godfather is a home movie for her
I have two birth marks – one on my back and the other….well we’ll leave that one alone.
I’m a germ-a-phobe – I haven’t been sick in over a year
I learned to ride a two wheel bike when I was three
I taught myself how to tie my shoelaces also when I was three
I can draw pretty well, but only when I’m motivated
I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art – its my fav
My first date with my ex-husband was at Rockefeller Center – that’s where he proposed too and then we stayed at The Plaza.
I graduated High School in 1995 - the class was only 104 students
I once brought my dog into the mall so he could get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny – he weighed 80 lbs and he was only 5 months old.
I’ve never been fired from a job (yet).
I’m a trained Medical Assistant and Ultrasonographer
I love to dance
I love to sing
I used to read about a book a week, but I haven’t read anything since I moved out of my apartment
I only met Trixie 4 months ago
I’ve never lived alone
I used to look at Playboys when I was little – who didn’t?
The legal age to drive in New Jersey is 17, I’ve been driving since I was 15
I check my email – way too much
I love yellow roses


irritable chap said...

I didn't think that Americans could drive stick shift (LOL). Nearly all europeans do naturally (as in 95% of cars sold in Europe are stick shift).

Anne Arkham said...

Stuff we have in common: I also prefer dark chocolate, Calvin and Hobbes are my favorite cartoon characters, I do indeed have a tequila story, I go commando 99% of the time, and I've never lived alone, either.