Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Working with Mer

As I've discussed previously I am currenlty employed as an Executive Secretary. Before I go into what I do now, I think you should know a little back ground.

I've worked for the same company since June 1, 1997. I started as a temp and since one of the director's liked me, she kept me on until they found something permanent. God Bless Her. Her name was Debbie and she was all business, but I learned the most from her. At first I thought she didn't like me, but in actuality, she really did like me because I was highly productive. I could do work in an hour that took most people 3 hours. We clicked very well and as her career changed throughout this institution, so did mine. Debbie was awesome - she had answers for EVERYTHING. Her staff respected her so much that when faced with a problem, they (us) would do anything we could to avoid going to her for help because we wanted to do that for her. We wanted to try our best to be the best. But sure enough, if you had a problem and HAD to go to her, she ALWAYS had the answer and the answer was always right. She was amazing. We worked very well together and I would still work for her until this day had she not died of cancer on July 30, 2002. I didn't realize how much I really truly respected her and cared for until the very day I found out she was in the hospital with a "pain" in her side.

See Debbie had had cancer and survived it 3 times prior to this. The second she told me about the pain, I knew it was cancer again.

After she passed away, I went to work for another director - who 'til this day is an asshole, but I digress. Now at this point in time I became known as the "go to girl" through out the department. If you had a problem, I might not have had the answer, but I knew how to solve the problem. I learned from the best. In all my positions here, I have always been very well respected and very well liked by my superiors. When this current position opened up, I went for it on the fly thinking that I would never get it. Apparently my reputation preceeded me and I landed the position very easily.

The funny thing is with all my training and all my contacts, I don't do anything. My boss is cool as hell and I love him, seriously, I couldn't ask for a nicer boss. But he doesn't utilize me enough. I've tried to change a few things to make him more productive and organize him, but he is resistent to change. I've basically given up and now I just wait for him to tell me what he wants - which is working out rather well for our marriage. Don't worry, I dont take advantage of it because I know about Karma and its a bitch. When he asks me to do something, I do it fast and I do it right. I don't want him to have second thoughts. Plus I really do like him.

Every now and then I get to type something for him, but recently I've had to go to a few meetings. Yesterday, Trixie and I were in our department meeting. We do NOTHING. I mean we sit there and listen to them drone on about stuff that has nothing to do with us. I thought you might want to see my notes from this last meeting. These are verbatim from my notebook - because you know you have to make yourself at least "look" interested in the subject matter.

Here we go. Enjoy.

All I hear is blah, blah blah.
I'm hungry.
Geez, it's only 10:40?
I wish I could get paid to write. I wish I had more exposure for my blog. Imagine getting paid to have fun and write about my experiences? HOT DAMN!
So hungry I'm getting a headache.
10:55 and my stomach is still grumbling. Shit.
I just realized how much I love Men's hands. All strong looking.
I can't stand empty stomach burps.

I know, its mind blowing. Call me a genius, go ahead, I dare you.

Maybe I stepped in shit, or maybe its the karma thing. My last boss was such an asshole. She was awful to me and worked me to the bone. Not only that - you were NEVER right. No matter what. She would change her mind a lot and make it your fault. Like I said, she's an asshole. But whatever, I'm glad that I'm not her - she's a miserable human being.

Anyway. So I have the smarts and potential to kick ass at work. I did it for 7 years and after all that back-breaking work, I think this might be the pay off. God I hope so, I do like it here - right now. If I didn't get this position, I never would have met the people I did met or have the stree free job that I have now.

Someone is smiling on me and to them I say thank you.

And coincendently today is my mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom you wonderful, beautiful, shining light.


Matt said...

I have bosses that change their mind, and when they do they say, "Why would you do it this way?!?"

I always want to say, "Because you told me to, moron!"

NCTRNL said...

I feel that way at my new job here as well. I have been here for about 2.5 years and I just recently got this new position. I could do so much more but they just don't utilize me. Sounds like an eerily similar situation to me...