Friday, June 17, 2005

Karaoke is the DEVIL.

Three hours sleep just isn't enough. Contacts? I didn't even attempt those - they're the devil right now, so is sunlight - it's been cloudy for a week here in New Jersey and today its gorgeous, but I'm hung over and that doesn't help. No not hung over, I think I'm still drunk.

Trixie and I were up to old tricks last night. Hanging out with the softball team, we all got the bright idea to hit a semi local bar. Low and behold it was Karaoke night. We had a newbie amongst us, she wants to be called Galaxy - I would have chosen Samantha. In the beginning of the night I told her "I'm the most fun." She had no idea.

Its not that I can leap tall buildings in a single bound or create money out of my ass, its just that I'm a good time. I have no inhibitions when it comes to laughing and being kick ass. I know where to draw the line and I know when to push a button - its like the coming of an ocean wave - I jump on top of you and then I pull back. Yeh, that's pretty accurate.

I can't even recall what the hell I sang, but I know I was up there for the better part of the night - not by my own doing mind you, apparantly no one has enough balls to sing alone. Here's the thing people - no body ever listen's anyway, except when I sing because I COMMAND AN AUDIENCE DAMMIT. Oh and the microphone was cordless - big mistake. I made sure that any of my guy friends who weren't paying attention got nice and embarrassed - you guys are just too easy.

Trixe added to the ambiance by making sure she shook her little ass all over me for effect. Nice one Trixie - yeh that $1000 prize in Hoboken next Friday is OURS!!!! Ok, so if any of you live in Jersey, Trixie and I will be performing Karaoke at The Planet at about 8-8:30 p.m. We don't know how it happened but about a week ago we were entered into a contest and we won. Neither of us asked to be in this contest, it just happened. But $1000 smackers is $1000 smackers so we'll be corny and practice to win. I'm competitive - very.

But I know you all, you're waiting to hear about drunken debauchery. Yep, she made an appearance in the form of ass smacking and lip smooching. Thanks H's.

That's right, my 6'5" willow tree was there to enjoy in the festivities. I'm hoping that the 6'5" theory holds true too, he he he he.....

Anywho, Trixie and I were quite the sight again. She's much shorter than me - not that I'm some wildabeast or anything, I'm 5'6" and she's about 5'2" (I think). So when we dance, well its hot. Can't help it, its the truth and I hope I get a camera real soon to show you some shit. I'll have to designate a friend next week to bring one for our stage performance because it will be good, oh yes little little one, it will be good.

I have to leave now because believe it or not, I've got some work to do. An executive meeting awaits my drunk ass - I can't believe they put the responsibility of taking minutes in my hands. Whoop! OH Boy!


Matt said...

I can see the next Executive Meeting: "Uh, can someone read last meeting's minutes?"

"Yes, there are some scribbly lines, a couple of doodles, someting about a hot ass, smooches, ass smacking, and I'm pretty sure there's some drool right here... And it smell like a bar!"

Matt said...
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Trixie said...

Yap, I'm 5'2" and we are HOT!